Oceansfull Building Blocks

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Zyxia, Jun 12, 2021.

  1. Zyxia Active Member

    Is it my imagination or are these clams as rare as hen's teeth?
    Most of the guildies are moaning at spending hours and getting countless weapons but no building blocks.
    Are they one per day per server?
    If not, are there any hints about finding them because i am trying to avoid a guild riot here LOL.
    Seriously, if anyone has any helpful hints please pass them on.
    Thanks so much.
    Since the beginning of this fest only two guildies have said they have the building blocks, one is me and one is someone who, in desperation, appealed in General Chat and received a donation from a very kind player.
    We have several very frustrated decorators !!
  2. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Are you part of homeshow? I see people in homeshow mentioning they are "farming" the recipe. Some have more than 30, others 20s, etc.

    On AB and Skyfire I've seen folks asking if any one doesn't have them and then mail a copy to that version. All that stated, which "sounds" like I'm saying they are dropping a lot. I only received one on a toon on one account, and six on a different account. For approximately the same amount of time/clams opened.

    Try switching characters to find which of your alts may be luckier than the next. I go for, if one character doesn't get it within a certain randomly selected time I set in my head then I switch. (and hope their luck is better).
  3. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Out of 15 characters, only 3 have found these recipes. So they are rare as far as I can tell. Anchors are rather common.
  4. Zyxia Active Member

    No I'm not on Homeshow, unfortunately and how on earth do they farm something so rare?
    Yes I did switch alts and still nothing. I only got mine as I was there first off when the fest started and basically hit it immediately. After that it was a no go and still is. I feel so sorry for the guildies who have spent days and days trying to get the blocks. Would be nice if maybe the "farmers" could stop and give everyone else a chance ? seeing as they have so many.
    Asking nicely please... :)
  5. Zyxia Active Member

    thank you Geroblue, glad i am not going nuts
  6. Almee Well-Known Member

    I am also frustrated with getting the recipe book--for a couple of reasons.

    1. They are very scarce. I've spent over 10 hours farming them and have 3 books to show for my efforts. One character got 2 books. On another account, none of the characters have gotten a book yet.

    2. It isn't the Moving Waters recipe book which is sort of the lynchpin of the whole festival as far as I'm concerned. Having the Moving Waters building blocks is pretty important if you want to decorate using a marine/sea theme. While the marble items looks nice, they aren't the same as having moving water in the decorating. That recipe book should have been made available as a quest reward and the Moving Waters left on the clams, but at a higher drop rate.

    I hope next year they will move all recipe books onto a festival vendor or at least make them available on the clams. I have characters on 4 servers and I believe I only have the recipe book on one server due to how hard it has been to get in the past. It hasn't been much easier getting the new recipe book this year. I still don't have even one copy on one server which is sad.
  7. Fiadhe Member

    Spending hours and hours and hours opening clams, and I am also having problems trying to get the building blocks.
    Tried several different alts, same story.
    How about it devs? you gonna help us decorators? or are we last on the list, as usual?
  8. Robynous Active Member

    I just replied to a similar post on another part of the forum! I too would prefer quest rewards over random chance. I prefer the racing quests where you run around for two minutes then get precisely what you want!
  9. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    This is over about 7 accounts, along with now 17 characters, and still only 3 have the building block recipe books. This is on Skyfire and Maj'Dul servers.

    And I want to decorate Deepwater and Mara Estates.
  10. Almee Well-Known Member

    I finally got the recipes on all but one server, IoR, and I haven't played on that for awhile. Unfortunately, by the time I got the recipe, on the 3 servers I play on, I was so sick of Oceansfull that I'm not sure I would ever want to decorate with the stuff now. I basically went through hundreds of disappointments (opening clams) trying to get the recipe books when I could have been doing something that was rewarding.

    While no one made me open hundreds of clams, I gave up, last year, after only getting the recipe book on one server. It never occurred to me that the recipe book wouldn't be available this year so I stopped when I got to the point where I thought I'd never play the game again if I continued. I didn't want to make that mistake again even though I currently have no use for this year's recipes. It is hard to predict what I'll need for future decorating endeavors so I figured it was better to be safe than sorry. Hopefully time will remove the distaste I have for the game right now.
  11. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Mine is all off the coast of Antonica. The purple shinies haven't changed.

    Still no more than 3 recipe books.
  12. elflover Well-Known Member

    The shinies you need to visit 3 diff zones to get the whole collection


    I have had a hard time with getting this years recipe book as well. Only got the recipe myself on md, sf and ab i traded or was gifted from others. I had a few of the water spray have given a few away only on sf, if you need one on sf i hv a few more send me message here for toon to look for.
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  13. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    I ran 4 or 5 different toons through that event spending hours and hours and out of all of them, I have 3 recipe scrolls. I said heck with it after that. The only one I really needed or wanted it on was the carpenter but your right as far as I am concerned about how rare that scroll is. Seems it was like this the since they started the event.
  14. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Ah, I did pick some up by The Commonlands docks on one toon.
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  15. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    I didn't even know about this since I never farmed any and I suppose that by now Oceansfull is over. So it was a recipe book or multiple different recipes? And I tried looking on Marketplace for the sale of some but found nothing. So were they saleable recipe books or No Trade or Heirloom or what? Not that it matters now that Oceansfull Adventures are probably done.
  16. elflover Well-Known Member


    All info you need is there ends today
  17. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    A recipe book with multiple recipes.

    I did find a second one on the character off Comonlands, and was able to put it in the shared bank. So it is at least shareable that way.
  18. elflover Well-Known Member

    they arent heirloom anymore so possible to find them on broker but cost
  19. Robynous Active Member

    I did have one run at the beginning of the festival, but since it is about to end I thought I'd have another go, taking out my carpenter Daiku (he has an illusion on). The haul is now all in his warehouse, and he got: of house items there were: 5 Full Fish Rack; 2 Kelp Fiend; 4 Lodizal Plushie, 4 iron anchor; 4 river fishing net; 8 coral behemoth plushie; 5 bamboo raft; 7 shallow basket of shells; 8 square basket of shells; 5 Marid tide hunter plushie; 2 standing ships wheel; 7 sea foam coral; 7 driftwood bench; 9 aqueous sentinel plushie; 8 rhodium anchors; 7 dancing othmir shaman plushie; 6 othmir fishing stand. Appearance weapons: 5 siren’s alluring hatchets; 5 barnacle encrusted anchors; 3 rust-covered anchors. Illusions: 1 Yha-lei toiler; 5 adventurous othmir; 3 wise othmir. I pretty much have a pile of everything from previous festivals, except the rafts which are very nice. I did not get a single recipe book.
  20. Tedra New Member

    I spent 2 hours on my main in TD and nothing. Switched to an alt and went to GFay and got the recipe on the very first try. Then about 4 days ago a guild member said she had been trying for several hours over several days with in several different zones with zero luck. I took a different alt back to Gfay and nabbed the recipe on the 32nd shell & donated it to her. All said and done she had over 300 house items (she didn't bother counting the appearance weapons or illusions).

    Went back later to Antonica and got one on the 45th shell. Next 2 days I spent another 2 hours in TD, 1 hour in Obulus and 1 hour in Phantom or Tranquil (don.t remember which) and no luck.