Not A Bug Not getting full stats from mercenary

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by doublej80, Mar 16, 2022.

  1. doublej80 New Member

    Inspecting the token for the Forlorn Harbinger mercenary shows you get 145.2 fervor, 38.8 fervor overcap, 2323.1% crit bonus, 5,096,684 ability mod, 29.6% doublecast and 711.2% max health.

    The maintained battalion buff shows I'm getting 140.3 fervor, 37.5 fervor overcap 2244.8% crit bonus, 4,924,816.5 ability mod, 28.6% doublecast and 687.2% max health.

    And now Dakshesh, which was always slightly lower stats (137.1 fervor for example), is displaying the same as the maintained stats for the Forlorn Harbinger.
  2. Manafizzle Active Member

    I think the stats on the tokens are wrong/misleading. I leveled up a new merc because the stats looked higher than the dwarf from the crate, and at max level the crate one is still higher. I wish it was accurate.
  3. doublej80 New Member

    If it is indeed a case of wrong/misleading stats they should probably fix that. It still doesn't explain why hiring the Forlorn Harbinger boosted the battalion stats of Dakshesh though.
  4. Caith Developer

    From the Mercenary Battalion spell description text.
    "Mercenary Battalion effects are enhanced, beginning at rank 5 and again at ranks 10, 20 and 25, for each unlocked mercenary you have hired of the same season."

    From the Mercenary Battalion spell effect text.
    "When you summon a Dwarven Battlerage mercenary that has been unlocked to hire anywhere and is Rank 5 or above it will add contribution to the Mercenary Battalion: Dwarven Battlerage persistent buff."

    From the Mercenary: Forlorn Harbinger item description.
    "This spellscroll displays a Mercenary Battalion: Dwarven Battlerage (Melee) buff available with a rank 20 mercenary with 100% contribution. This effect must be unlocked to gain the displayed stats listed."
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