No recipe from Rasime?

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  1. Ghostyfreak New Member

    While doing quest Curing the Curse, Rasime does not give the recipe for creating a desert curse protection potion. Now completely stalled. Is this a bug I need to report? Also no sign of Jaranna Thistlebloom in Mara when starting the quest chain. Was her absence the cause for quest problem? Help, please?
  2. Denmum Developer

    Jaranna should have been visible there to give you the quest provided you are a level 125 crafter. (Are you?) If you couldn't see her, how did you start the chain, as you need her to start the quest for you.

    With regards to Rasime, are you searching on "protection" or "prevention"? You should have the prevention recipe drop into your recipe book automagically when you hand in the harvests to her.

    I'm highly confused here, as you shouldn't be able to get as far as Rasime if you cannot get the quest starter from Jaranna in the first place.
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  3. Ghostyfreak New Member

  4. Ghostyfreak New Member

    Actually, my avie is only a lv.120 armorer. On test server, I do not know how to get to lv. 125. I cannot slide the advancement bar from AA over to experience in order to skill up. You'd think it would work same as on other servers. Oh and no, no such recipe is in my book, I searched using every word in the recipe name. I appreciate your response. I just hope I can find help
    for my mounting questions.
  5. Dude Well-Known Member

    Uh ... the AA slider doesn't impact tradeskill leveling, it's only for adventure leveling.
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  6. Ghostyfreak New Member

    My bad, noted. So why isn't my character leveling same as on other servers starting in Vetrovia? Please, advise if you could, anyone?
  7. Ghostyfreak New Member

    Okay, am advancing but very very slowly. On other servers my characters speed-skilled very quickly. GAH. why is test different?
  8. Dude Well-Known Member

    Are you doing the tradeskill signature quest line?
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  9. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    You need to actually quest past level 100. You can't grind anymore. Do the Visions of Vetrovia questline found at the beach in Svarni
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  10. Ghostyfreak New Member

    Thanks, I've done all that, of course. I just can't figure out if it's my error or the game somehow. Tradeskill, I'd like to have my avie's flight unlocked. Though... granted there are fewer players on test at any given time, I never see anyone flying in Raj Plateau
  11. Ghostyfreak New Member

    Okay FINALLY figured it out. I had skipped over the chain of quest starting with Hulda in the Luclin Nexus. Doing Belly of the Beast leveled my tradeskill up to haffway through 121. Finally on the right track. A big thank you to all who tried to help. it is greatly appreciated. Those who recommended questing were correct. It forced me t was certainly not the game. DOH.
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