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Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Somedude, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Somedude Active Member

    KoS flagged server, but quest xp is terrible, heroic xp is terrible, pvp xp is terrible.

    Not exactly sure what the thought process was here.
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  2. Siren Well-Known Member

    Ironically, last time the devs had XP pots in the shop, and most people exploited to 50 in 2 hours in their skivvies. I'll bet Daybreak is trying to offset that this time around so there is actually long-lasting PvP (and broker drops/crafting items) in every tier. [IMG]:p

    Maybe this is just regular TL XP leveling, but hardly anyone realizes it because they exploited last season? Lol.

    I leveled to 36 last season, so I will compare that experience to this time around once I get going. I haven't gotten on much yet due to real life concerns, and am leveling crafting for spells this time too because the broker let me down totally in season 1, but I will report back in as I go.
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  3. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Exploited is a strong term, how about lack of testing from developers despite a beta and the already fast leveling?

    Seriously, I got level 25 in under five hours on season one without a pot, people were already in the 30's before the disco xp fiasco started to hit the server.

    The fact that you all still go on about the massive exploit that it was astounds me.

    It's not our fault that a single discovery granted more experience than killing 10-20 people in pvp, on a server with less than 600 unique accounts.

    It actually takes longer to level to 50 on this server than it does on kaladim, I understand xp pots aren't around and all that, but it just takes so long to level to 70. I can't even imagine how bad it would be right now if pvp gave lots of xp and someone had to catch up via questing to join their friends. No one would do it.

    Anyways, now that the OMGEXPLOITERSWAAAHHH discussion is out of the way, the experience on this server is actually terrible. I've quested all the way to 50 basically at this point, and i'm ready to blow my brains out. Quest xp sucks, pvp xp doesn't exist really in high tiers, leaving you with grinding or toughing it out through the questing. You can't even go and get shinies to level up because there is level requirements on them. Do you @devs actually want anyone to level at this point? It seems as if all ways to level without spending large amounts of time (temporary server btw) is impossible.

    I don't really see anyone desiring to level up because it's so slow and pointless considering baubles are coming.

    At this point a serious revamp of all xp gain needs to be initiated. I understand the developers thought if they launch with level 70 being the cap people would just grind/pvp each other all the way up. But it seems the "hardcore" players of nagafen would rather kill blue con people with a six man trying to quest with scout m2 choices in two hits instead.
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  4. Siren Well-Known Member

    Clearly XP is quite fast if you're already a L50 in a few days. :p

    I see multiple people in every zone, and I harvested from t1 through t5 already because I'm blasting through crafting levels next.

    The server is open for 3 more months yet, and those whining for more XP will be the first ones whining that there's nothing to do at cap.

    You are living proof of why leveling is too fast, if anything.
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  5. Somedude Active Member

    No, its not. Adon has simply spent a staggering number of hours questing since launch.

    I've played quite a bit, and I'm 27, higher than many, but not near the top. I've got 30 hours played and I admit I've split some between pve, pvp, and crafting. But that is less than a level per hour of play. That is probably a bit too slow for a 90 day server with KoS content.
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  6. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Once again, you're delusional. I've done nearly 300 quests so far to hit my level. On a pvp server.

    For reference: that's more quests than I typically do on an entire TLE server lasting from t5-DoV because it's pointless to do 90% of the quests in everquest 2.

    I've also poured into probably 50-60 hours by now.

    I am also a quest lord.
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  7. Satyr Well-Known Member

  8. Prasecisqo New Member

    There is NO problem with XP... Did some CL/DLW quests and easily lvl 20 in 4 days... whats wrong with it?
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  9. Gameshark Member

    So let me get this straight, DBG takes out PVP for a few years, then brings it back for Season 1, exp is too fast according to PVPers. Season 2 Comes along and DBG introduces a way to keep PVP around for awhile, but this time, you people are complaining the XP is too low or none at all, is that right? Really? There isnt suppose to be high amounts of xp in this pvp server. DBG brought it back because of you. DEAL WITH IT. Its going to be around a little more longer, who cares how fast you level, its about the PVP and people boasting about how awesome their killing sprees are. Quit your damn whining. You finally have pvp back.
  10. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    XP wasn't too fast on season 1. It was perfect.

    It's over 100 hours of soloing to reach 70, that's not reasonable considering you have six weeks until the bauble.

    We're at the week mark and there isn't a single person level 70, there are less than twenty people above level 40. If you're not seeing an issue I really don't know what to say, people aren't going to put in the time to level knowing a bauble is going to come, and the huge grind ahead of them that they can skip. It's not a hard concept to grasp.

    15% of the pre-bauble time, aka the only point people are actually going to level and not just lock or bauble up to max level is already gone and people still aren't max level or leveling up.

    The barrier to start pvping at 70 really isn't bad considering cloud timeline gear is basically best in slot and you can kill random one up mobs for gear that is near best in slot.
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  11. Somedude Active Member

    Let me know how 20-30 goes for you.

    DLW isn't as bad cause there are tons of quests crammed in a small area.
  12. Xiao Member

    Yo be real for a second. You could be influencing people with your blind conjecture.

    There's been a max of 5 people in enchanted lands the past 2 days.

    Less in the other 30+ zones.

    XP is busted and people are falling off fast either for good or waiting for the bauble.
  13. Xiao Member

    Yeah I am 40 now and ive been playing the same time as you but I am not as knowledgeable a player as you. I can attest to everything you are saying.

    I have already completed more than twice as many quests as I normally do (least favorite way of xp'ing).

    The people saying that xp is fine are not even 30 yet.

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