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  1. Sonagi New Member

    I played the game 10 years ago alittle and I came back few day ago..
    I tried all classes and i do like playing brigand..
    I want to play EQ2 long time as life game so i bought all expansions also thinking for buying celebration bundle pack..

    I'm curious that
    1. Is it worth buying the celebration bundle pack?
    2. Is Brigand ok for solo player?
    3. Most of players do quests for leveling or just doing dungeon run?

    for me doing quests is abit pain and boring.. is it necessary??
  2. Bludd Well-Known Member

    until you get to 95 or so you can run dungeons for xp, after that you will need to quest. especially when you hit 100, the xp needed to level ramps so much that its not feasible to level by kills

    you should play the class you like and if you want to solo you can get a healer merc to help you out in tough spots
  3. Carynn Well-Known Member

    1. Yes, if you use the broker regularly and want a buff. The stuff is per character, but you can share most of the items.
    2. Yes. Use your stun button to it's fullest. Getting a healer merc and setting it to passive will help.
    3. Quests are not necessary, if you find them boring, until you reach level 96. Go to Iceshard Keep on the Agnostic Dungeon, kill the name on the bridge right when you zone in, get loot, zone out, and zone back into Iceshard Keep. You get plenty of XP and loot that way, and you can sell it to the vendor. Or do Crypt of Agony repeatedly. At level 96, you no longer receive XP from the Agnostic Dungeons and have to start questing in (96-100) Tranquil/Phantom Seas > (100-110) Planes of Magic. From 110 on, you have a choice to stay in PoM, do quests in Myrist, or do current BoL stuff.

    Happy travels!
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  4. Nazy Member

    I'm a dungeon person and I don't quest a lot. Level 10-20 is all quests. After that, Fallen Gate is a great dungeon for leveling.
    If you can get a group together or get a Mercenary, dungeons are AWESOME.

    All scouts can solo to an extent. I'm a Ranger and I can solo white ^^^ fine. But I do know a Brigand who switched after dying a lot to to those same white ^^^ that I have no trouble with.
    - Nazyalensky 55 Fae Ranger
  5. Raff Well-Known Member

    If you want to solo (no merc), I suggest moving your xp slider to 70% AA (if you are subbed, you have control of the slider. If F2P, you do not). This will give AA points faster than normal and allow you to gain more skills / strikes earlier in the game.

    Actually, I do this on all my alts as soon as I hit level 10. I solo'd my brig to max (no merc) early on in the game..mostly cause there were no mercs back then. But loved sneaking around dungeons. It is slow play though...cause ya gotta be careful in higher level dungeons with numerous linked mobs.

    Probably the brig is the most fun of any solo class I've ever played.
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