New Temporary Adornments Demystified

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    If you’re done an overseer’s mission or purchased a new Heritage Crate you do doubt have been flooded with a plethora of temporary adornments. In fact, there’s 60 unique new adornments from those sources so it should be no surprise that one can get confused or overwhelmed. I’ll break it down, it’s very simple. (All discussing the Level 120 adornments, but the pattern remains at lower levels)

    There’s only 6 new adornments from the overseer’s crates. There’s an additional 2 available from the Heritage Crates.

    That’s it.

    Here they are:
    Acumen – Grants 11.5 Strikethrough on Forearms
    Aptitude – Grants 150 Potency to Waist
    Dominance – Grants 10.5 Weapon Damage and 14.5 Weapon Damage Overcap to Hands and/or Wrist
    Magnetic Attractor – Available as 1 hand or 2 hand, grants 8.5 Accuracy (1 hand) or 17 Accuracy (2 hand) to your primary weapon. The 1 handed version can be used on Head items as well.
    Puissance – Grants 65 Crit Bonus and 27 Crit Bonus overcap to Finger and Ranged slots
    Sustain – Grants 40 Max Health to Chest and/or Shoulders

    For those who purchase Heritage Crates you also can get
    Sovereignty – Grants 223 Potency, 51.7 Crit Bonus, and 87.6 Weapon Damage to a Charms
    Imperium – Grants 51.7 Crit Bonus Overcap, 13.3 Fervor Overcap, and 47.9 Weapon Damage Overcap to Ear items

    That’s it. That’s all of the new adornments. Clearly, I didn’t list 60 but I said 60 new ones were available. Why? Well, the duration varies. Base adornments have a duration of 1 hour, Extended adornments are 4 hours, and Maintained adornments are 8 hours. Every one of the above adornments come in all 3 versions. Additionally, the top 6 adornments all come in a regular version from the Heritage Crates and Minion’s version from the overseer’s crates. Don’t let that confuse you, they are identical.

    I’ll leave it to someone else to talk about these adornments vs the legacy Coatings, Injectors, and Insights.

    Hopefully you’re a little less confused now.
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