New Spell Effects / Animation?

Discussion in 'Look and Feel' started by ARCHIVED-Titigabe, May 8, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Titigabe Guest

    I've been told that dev's were working on a spell animations / combat art visual revamp, so that each class would be really unique and easily recognizable.
    Will this be all brand new combat arts / spell animations effects or just rebalancing the same old spell effects between classes (wich are nice but for some starts getting boring after a 5 years time play).
    I'd love to see Ice Comet and Storms looking like actuel comets and storms! With an option to keep old visual spells effects for config that can't handel too many particles effects ...
  2. ARCHIVED-monrofayy Guest

    they were suppose to update a lotta things, char skeletin system, animation,multicore,shadows IN GAME BROWSERexample in game browser can't even support eq2 website with out bugging up i can't post in forum where you type in white box browser wont allow me i gotta type in the address space,copy and paste into white box
  3. ARCHIVED-Dreyco Guest

    One of the artists is currently redoing the particle effects yes. :)
  4. ARCHIVED-Titigabe Guest

    redoing or redistribuing the existing ones are two different things and that's my question :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Taninmajere Guest

    If they can't access to the game's kernel, modify it and make deep changes, a graphic artist only can move or re-distribute what's already made. The game's engine needs a deep modification not just a fancy new clothes.
  6. ARCHIVED-Titigabe Guest

    I've noticed on the Test Server, in New Halas, that 3 Coldain Dwarves were using new visual effects in "snowy" a ritual. Are they part of the new spell effects update?
  7. ARCHIVED-Sanati Guest

    Dreyco wrote:
    When was this announced/discussed? And "one" artist is working on it? [IMG]

    Started a conjurer today and the very first spell is called "Crystal Blast" the icon looks like a lightning bolt, and the spell effect is a crappy looking red sword breaking in mid air. This isn't the sort of thing that should be on the backburner with one guy working on it in his spare time. If this was my first time playing the game I might have quit right there thinking the game was buggy and unfinished with cheap placeholder effects for spells.
  8. ARCHIVED-timetravelling Guest

    It is indeed being worked on. And no, no ETA yet. Can't even go with our trademarked 'soon' yet! =P
    Currently, they are brand new spell effects. For almost every spell. For every class. And the effects get bigger and cooler as the tier of your spell rises (aka Master I Rift looks more epic than Apprentice I Rift).
    And they look awesome =)
    I even have an example of one of the new effects: Get a fury buddy to cast his new Ring of Fire!
  9. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    These animations going to run off the gpu so we can run with them on?
  10. ARCHIVED-Jrral Guest

    timetravelling wrote:
    I noticed that one with Forge of Ro last night. To quote Tis: "Mwuhahahaha! Burn! BURN!"
  11. ARCHIVED-Sanati Guest

    timetravelling wrote:
    I love you.
  12. ARCHIVED-Morghus Guest

    Is any work being done to increase performance with the new effects? I know alot of people I raid with complain about the new effects since particle options aside from turning them off completely (particle_priority -1) do not work.
    There also needs to be a way to turn player particle/casting animations off without turning NPC casting/particles off. New and pretty graphics are nice, but not at the expense of playability and performance.
  13. ARCHIVED-Juravael Guest

    Very nice! I know they are a ways off yet but I for one can not wait to see the new effects.
  14. ARCHIVED-Arno24 Guest

    timetravelling wrote:
    Can we get a way to turn off these spell effects for those of us who prefer to not see any spells so we can actually see the things we are fighting? (while keeping NPC spell animations)
  15. ARCHIVED-iceriven2 Guest

    timetravelling wrote:
    2 things....
    first - why no trademark "soon" ? what needs to be done if every spell/CA has a new animation alrdy? I wanna see an awesome ice comet alrdy!

    second - great if we had an option inwhich we can turn all spell effects off (riads mainly), and another to where you just see your own.
  16. ARCHIVED-Titigabe Guest

    timetravelling wrote:
    Is the new Fury Ring of Fire animation the same that Wizard Forge of Ro?
  17. ARCHIVED-Netheir Guest

    Titigabe wrote:
    yes it seems so, and yes we need a way to turn these effects off because it ignores particle settings, and reduces fps by a lot in general
  18. ARCHIVED-MurFalad Guest

    Atan@Unrest wrote:
    That's my question too (either that or can they take advantage of multi-cores which the bulk of players now have too and which are also under-utilised?).
    And I did see that ring of fire (I was a little worried the first time as I didn't recognise it), wow, it was impressive, very cool, and totally different looking to effects we've seen before (hence I'm interested in how its being implemented, it doesn't look like the current particle effects).
  19. ARCHIVED-Anastasie Guest

    Ring of Fire is the same animation as Forge of Ro - only bigger...
  20. ARCHIVED-Tehom Guest

    It looks awesome, but some way to turn it off with minimum particle settings would be nice.

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