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    Hello all! The title says it all - I a new to EQ2, and have no idea where to start. As a F2P I am automatically shuttled to the Antonia Bayle server, however I am not sure this is what is right for me.

    Should I sub to Daybreak games and choose another type of server? I have done a bit of reading but am still not really sure what would be the best choice.

    I am a big solo player, but also hope to someday do heroics and perhaps even some raiding. I played EQ1 back in the early 2ks and a was a hardcore raider. I am more of a casual player now, but would definitely be down for some occasional heroic/raiding action

    Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    I have both sub'd and ftp accts. My ftp were never blocked from choosing a different server, so unless something changed that I don't know about, you should still be able to select a different server.

    Personally, I prefer all the benefits of subscription; quick travel, in game mail, more powerful spell tiers and equipment, and double coins. Though I will admit that I began on the Freeport server when it was the only ftp option, so can say it gave me a good feel for the game before I decided to sink money into it.

    You will find a lot of benefits to joining a guild that will help you learn about the many many different features in this game, and there are many guilds recruiting that are for the casual players. Best to check out the guild forum to see who is currently recruiting and then ask questions for more specific info.
  3. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Maj'Dul has the largest population of the Live Servers, but there are lots of fun folks on Antonia Bayle as well.
  4. Mermite Member

    There is a server selection option on the character create screen. I didn't notice it when I created my first character, and when I created a second account (non-subbed) I accidentally created it on a different server.

    But AB is perfectly fine, in my opinion.
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