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  1. ARCHIVED-bookumdano Guest

    I heard a rumor that there may be a level 90 signature quest that allows one to bypass the VP kill. Is this true? It sure would be nice for those of us that have been suffering multiple failed pick up VP raids of late lol!
  2. ARCHIVED-infa Guest

    It's true. You can get the new spell-version of your mythical effects at 90 (after quest) with only having completed the fabled epic quest previously.
  3. ARCHIVED-bookumdano Guest

    I am a bit confused atm. It is a spell and not the actual weapon?
  4. ARCHIVED-thecynic315 Guest

    here, copied from the beta forums to my guild forums with a typo fixed to here

    * Kinloch Skry'mir -35.84, 24.28, 213.90 in Tenebrous Tangle
    * Researcher Sel'Quar -151.37, -117.37, 634.61 in Lavastorm
    * Sa'ib Waseem 1996.59, -299, 3339.42 in Paineel
    * Book in Dartain 1806.96, 1.77, 4305.92
    * Assistant Tam 1255.73, 166.52, 3294.77 in Roekelik Caves - Sundered Frontier
    * 639, 154.15, 3013 for general loc on the flowers in Toxx forest - by the brutes.
    * 1477, -29.19, 3754 for general loc on the Underfoot Levitatestone
    * 1278, -1.41, 3708 for general loc on the Gazers
    * 1293, -249, 3240 for Jewel update
    * Lama Mukhlisah -438.35, 379.70, 654.07 in Quel'ule - Stonebrunt
    * 47.59, 363.13, 959.41 for Pond and other kills. All around same area
    * Lama Mukhlisah (Behind the Mousoleum) 512.44, 231.65, -172.62
    * -262.80, -1.08, -90.40 for the Book in the Erudin Library
    * Flowing Mercury 3.66, -102.22, -817.40 in The Hole
    * Mindflow Crystal -213, -37.91, 139.91 in Demitrik's Bastion
    * Kill the name with the KB in Research halls
    * Talk to Delahnus the Dauntless in Vetigial Cella for blood update
    * Sa'ib Waseem 620.06, 112.73, 2975.43 in Toxx Forest - Sundered Frontier
  5. ARCHIVED-Eveningsong Guest

    Tinytune@Blackburrow wrote:
    Yes, you get a spell gem that gives a persistent buff and the clicky effects. You only need your fabled version of the weapon and level 90 to do the quest. Fabled or mythical, you'll get an "enervated" version of the weapon to wield (keeps blue/green stats I believe) and a house version. Just keep in mind that if you change your mind and decide to do your mythical update later, you won't get the mythical weapon itself, just the update (they don't want us having both the gem AND weapon heh).
  6. ARCHIVED-kcirrot Guest

    Tinytune@Blackburrow wrote:
    Correct and it will prevent you from ever receiving the mythical weapon. So if you want the weapon, do the raid.
    And this is just my speculation, but for people who aren't in raiding guilds, I doubt you'll find a weapon stronger than the mythical, so I would keep trying if I were you.
  7. ARCHIVED-ericsweeney Guest

    You can't wield the enervated version? From the comments that I heard, I had gotten the impression that the Appearance Only restriction that had been previously mentioned didn't apply.
  8. ARCHIVED-kcirrot Guest

    Dareena@Lucan DLere wrote:
    No, when you do the quest you get the spell gem (which has the mythical effect spells on it) and an appearance-only weapon that looks like the mythical. Your fabled or mythical weapon goes poof.
    As explained by the devs:

    Kaitheel wrote:
  9. ARCHIVED-Eveningsong Guest

    I think that is outdated information. The latest post that I see by Kaitheel says:
    The mythical spell gem quest (Epic Repercussions) removes your legendary or mythical weapon, whichever you have. But always rewards an "enervated" version of your mythical weapon to wield. This version is the same as your mythical weapon (with blue & green stats) but stripped of its effects. And then you also get spell gem(s) which hold within them the effects from the weapon for you to use.
    You won't need to first find a replacement weapon.
  10. ARCHIVED-kcirrot Guest

    Eveningsong wrote:
    Cool, glad to be wrong!
  11. ARCHIVED-bookumdano Guest

    The mythical spell gem quest (Epic Repercussions) removes your legendary or mythical weapon, whichever you have. But always rewards an "enervated" version of your mythical weapon to wield.
    It rewards the same weapon weither you turn in a legendary or Myth (which would be fantastic but having a hard time believing it atm)? Or does it work like this?
    I do the Gem quest and turn in my Legendary and receive a Myth Gem and a version of the new Legendary weapon?
    I complete my Mythical weapon quest then do the Gem quest and turn in and receive a Myth Gem and new version of the Mythical weapon.
    Sorry for being so confused everyone =P
  12. ARCHIVED-ericsweeney Guest

    From all that I've read, the Enervated version returned will ALWAYS be like the Mythical version (minus the special signature abilities). So if you've only got the Fabled Epic right now, completing this quest chain will be a major upgrade for you.

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