New Marketplace Items: Erollisi Day Has Arrived!

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  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    There are many ways to acquire new items in EverQuest II. From questing to trading to purchasing through the broker, it's easy to outfit yourself and your home! You can also purchase appearance armor, mounts, prestige homes, and other items and services using Station Cash in the EQII in-game Marketplace.

    All across Norrath, love is in the air as Erollisi Day celebrations have begun! To celebrate this heartwarming holiday, today’s marketplace features a number of exciting new items designed to either let your love shine brightly or let your dark disdain for hearts and flowers come out – it’s your choice!

    Sparkling Diamond Ring, Sparkling Ruby Ring, Solid Gold Band
    Show your character’s commitment to his or her mate with these new rings. Now you’ll know who’s taken before you “/flirt” in the lobby of the Lion’s Mane Inn! (Solid Gold Band not pictured)

    Black Formal Attire
    Is the white too delicate for your evening event in Neriak? Perhaps the Black Formal Attire is best suited for you!

    Erollisi Day Bundles: Cushions, Petals, and Flowers
    Love is all around the cities, so let it spill into your home as well! Celebrate the Goddess Erollisi Marr with these décor items, which are available a la carte or bundled together. Erollisi Day Cushions Bundle includes 1 Romantic Cushion Group, 1 Romantic Round Pillow, 1 Romantic Sham, and 1 Romantic Cushion. Erollisi Day Petals Bundle includes 5 Strewn Yellow Petals, 5 Strewn Scarlet Petals, 5 Strewn Purple Petals, and 5 Strewn Pink Petals.Erollisi Day Flowers Bundle includes 3 Romantic Scarlet Roses, 3 Romantic Purple Roses, and 3 Forlorn Roses.

    Red Formal Attire
    If you want to stand out at your formal affair, you’ll need something stunning and unexpected. What better than this Red Formal Attire?

    Despairing Heart Window, Intricate Red Rug, and Adoring Heart Window
    If you’re looking for home goods rather than simple decorations, these new windows and rug can keep the Norrathian Goddess of Love and the Hunt present all year long!

    Previous Erollisi Bundles Returning for 2013!
    Three bundle favorites from past Erollisi Days are available once again!

    These items – and more that are not pictured! – are available now, just in time for the start of Erollisi Day! And remember, if you're looking for a great deal on some of your favorite older items, check out the Sale category! Even if you’re glowing with romance this season, you may find some items to suit your dark and dour mood, like the Circlet of Deathly Daisies or the Little Black Rain Cloud:

  2. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    It's cool to see that some of the things we asked for in the homeshow were made! (I've been asking for the petals for 2 years now! :) ) Bummer to see that most of what we ask for gets turned to SC.. but at least the petals come as quite a few for not too much money.
  3. Lament Active Member

    Woo I disco'd the red robe on Splitpaw!
  4. Lament Active Member

    at 15SC each; you can buy 33.3333 recurring from the monthly award!....
  5. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    Hence why I am not complaining too loudly. :-D Fairly reasonable price. (Hope there's a prestige house next week!)
  6. Kattt Member

    To Whom It May Concern,

    This has to be said, for me personally, this onslaught to the marketplace, is a me. While I have loved the guides, the gms, customer service; and most any employee I speak to is a complete delight, there must be some higher up, who, to me, feels like they have nothing but contempt for the decorating community.(I will explain further on.) We pay something like 3-5 times as much in money for fun content as any, say raider does (or other aspect player.) How many prestige homes per month does any decorator buy? How many expanders? How many pieces of furniture did we buy already, tiles and blocks to fill in what we might be missing in game, when supplies run out. And we pay our subs too. Isn't that ever enough?

    Some more specific examples, and forgive for any error in facts. So, lets say for Skyshrine update, we get half of our house items all one vase design basically, and poorly done. Then next expansion we get no quests. And many other examples which I do not have the strength to try to detail right now. Then today, they give us, something like 23-24 new recipes, a couple real nice ones, but the rest really not well thought out. I mean grabbing a set of the roses, a plain white vase, and throwing together just to appease? Then they (someone who is dictating all this) has the gall to throw a beautiful vase with flowers on market and make us pay for something better than what you give us, because we should pay for real nice? And how many things went up on SC? Something like 25 of them, and most ALL nicer than our carpenter recipes. When was our last faction merchant etc. in any recent expansion? How many plunderables in say Sleepers Tomb (1), versus say the Vigilant, a SUPERB piece of design work, fun, group play and delightful items for decorators. You gave us wonderful house items in Velious, loads of quests and content, faction merchants, and showed appreciation for people who are your loyal customer base. Then, slowly it trickled down after that...what is happening to this company?

    Why is everyone settling for less than we deserve, I wish to know? We have been good to you SOE....haven't we? Do you know how many hundreds of dollars in SC items and prestige houses I have tossed your way? And then you throw this in my face, while giving our IN GAME, PAID-for-content, half your attention and a half done job. This is NOT the SOE I signed up for years ago and the game I fell in love with. I LOVE this community, but I am perplexed why no one is objecting to this new awful trend! I know you are a business and must make money, but when you treat one portion of your customer base so much less than say another, how do you think it reflects? Personally, I would rather pay 5 dollars more a month on my sub, than see you throw together decorator content FAR below what you are capable of doing (as evidenced by lovely sc items today), and then slap us so hard with this really distasteful act. Your people have superb design skills! The design of some of those items in sc today were beautiful and what we ask RECIPES! The graphical design of the new zones is utterly gorgeous!

    Your devs have some amazing imagination and abilities. So it cannot be them! Why is this happening, and why are you not living up to half of what I know you are capable of? You are the SONY name, should there not be pride in everything you create? You set this bar high, and I ask you now, to live up to that bar that you set. Not keep selling us short, and ironically selling us what we should have already paid for. You even refused to give us a new home in your expansion! THAT was a huge let down, and yet, I foolishly paid for the collectors edition, this time, last time, and for so many in the past couple/few years. You keep whittling down what is acceptable to give us, and I am growing weary. Will you care when I have had enough and walk away? I do wonder. I do not want please do not let me!

    I am sorry if this response will make me unpopular, but I have to speak the truth, and I know I am not the only one who feels this way. This is enough to seriously make me consider dropping to f2p and give you not a dime more, and meanwhile find another game I can enjoy at some point. And I am serious. Only when there were complaints, and yes I was one of the first then, about the new sc windows, did you realize it was bad PR and then last minute thought threw the recipes into books, and still made sure, with a costly METAL rare (not wood) would be hard enough for us to get a lot, that people might bend into buying from you. I see what you are doing. And it bothers me immensely. Do you not know your community, and yes even though many of us are not raiders (yes there are some too), we are still very intelligent? I see what is happening, and I feel like you show disrespect in that we would not be smart enough to see this.

    Please know, I express this, because I love this game, and up until recent months, even year, I did love all the people who had a hand in putting it together. What a brilliant game, and an immersive world. But what is happening to you? Who, running this game, is making these decisions, which to me, which feel like you have nothing but either contempt, or total disrespect and disregard for a portion of customers, the decorators? So, I express my disappointment, because I DO care, and I really hope and pray you change your direction and see what you are doing!

    Also, I look at the amount of money I put into this game, me and most decorators pay you FAR more than say most of the non decorating, raider, grouping, etc. community does, and yet they get the full enjoyment without needing to nickle and dime (well five and ten dollar) their way to enjoying their content. Yes, they buy mounts and appearance things, but our house items are not just about looks. Their quality directly impacts the things we create, and the enjoyment we derive. I look at the DOZENS of prestige homes I have bought, the furniture items, the expanders, the mounts, and the list goes on and on and I pour more money into this game than any entertainment area I ever have in a single year! (Decorators, please go look at your credit card statements and receipts and just add up what you have paid in a year, towards your decorating passion in this game, and I bet it might surprise you when you see a cumulative figure.)

    Okay, so if you are not making the money needed to run right, as a business, if subs don't cover content, then make the subs higher, it would be more honest! Just because you went FTP, does not mean me and all other decorators should have to PAY for the subs of those free accounts *for* you! I have paid my sub from day one! Without fail, without stop, and this is how you treat me (and others like me)? Why did your wonderful decorator community not get a real nice and pretty rug like you put up for sale today? Last expansion we get a dirty rug, and today you sell a beautifully embroidered looking nice rug, with a price tag, and not a cheap one at that! Whats next? Will you give us NO furniture items with our subs, and just make us buy every piece?? I am sorry, but you have lost your balance.

    I did not mind buying a few extraordinary pieces, a couple nice sets of furniture on market here and there. I did not like it, but did not mind that you sold tiles and blocks as backup on market. I know you need the funds, you are running a business. I take these things into account.

    I did not mind paying you for mount after mount. For loads of appearance items. It is how many games work.

    For just a few bells and whistles around promotions or holidays, I paid you. But now you have gotten way out of hand. You had the shocking position of putting either the same amount, or MORE items on shop today, than you gave us to make! And lets face it, anyone would say, the items in shop FAR outweight most of the quality of what you gave us to craft. And then you take the item ideas that people give you, and you turn around and sell them their idea again and again. Its exactly why I will not contribute item ideas to threads ANY more. Period.

  7. Kattt Member


    I did not even mind ALL the prestige homes I paid for, to decorate. When you have not added a SINGLE new home that is free in I don't even know how long!! Do you know how much money I have shelled out to you? And this is how you repay my loyalty and patronage for a couple/few years now?? Around frostfell I would have cheerfully paid you to have a frostfell village prestige home. I would have cheerfully paid you for a SOL healing touch prestige home during this e-day time. But now you are seriously undercutting the effort that comes into what decorators get in their recipes. And I would bet anything, that you make more money from us decorators, than any other area of this game.

    Yes, you added a nice hedge for part of the normal game, but you made it VERY hard for people to get. And you added a beautiful shrub, and a nice chest, and even a couple other items I was happy with. But it was small compared to what I know you are capable of....and what you so blatantly put in your shop to try to ask us for yet more money! When have we paid enough for the content we are supposedly paying for already?

    Okay, so I was living with it....with the items this holiday not being what I know you are capable of. But then you come out today, with twice as many REALLY nice items, and are basically saying, we now need to pay for all our content, piece by piece by piece by piece! I am very disappointed, and losing faith, quite fast. Can you not at least find a balance between making sure decorators get high quality attractive items, along with items in your shop? Or just ease up the amount there, and up the sub price. I would rather pay more than see you do this to us. You have lost your balance between player faith and customer care, and making money.

    Please understand, I say all this, because I care. I do not want to see this game fall apart, nor your following. I want the game to go on, I want the community to go on. I want the extraordinary decorator community to go on. Do you know how good they are for your game? We add a whole other aspect to your game, that from the beginning you never really planned on or expected. And we alone draw in quite a lot of people on this aspect, when they see what we can do with what you give us, for better (and you have done some great things), as well as for worse. I adore decorating in such a dynamic creation process that allows us to use our imaginations on and on. I want it to get better. So I would rather tell you here, and hope you listen and try to make changes, then just pick up and leave and give up on you, despite even though it feels like you've thrown us aside.

    Your developers design great aspects, and put special care into them, like for people who just group, and fight, and raid, and so on. You (aside from selective appearance things) give them their content with their sub price, and you do not ask them to pay for thing after thing to enjoy their experience under the same sub prices we have. But with us, you come along, on top of that fee we loyally pay, and then ask us to pay item by item for nicer things, and make the in game content lesser and lesser with time. Tradeskillers did not even get a single quest last expansion. (Yes, I do know what you DID do, and you added some feature tools, but its just NOT what youre capable of, and not the bar you set.)

    You gave the decorating community very little this last expansion, not even the prestige home in CE, that we still paid the same or higher for as previous ones expansions. I noticed that too, and was disappointed, yet stuck with you despite.

    Can you see how I would feel cheated and dishonored?

    Anyway, I have said my peace, and more verbosely than I originally intended. And forgive me for any errors and amiss grammar etc. But yes, I guess I hope someone will listen. Please run your company and how you treat customers equal to the fine employees you hire, that I have had the pleasure to talk to. Each and every one, by the way, has been polite, dedicated, helpful, diligent, and wonderful to deal with. (Again, GM's, guides, community related employees like your wonderful Dexella.... all are major thumbs up for hiring such good people.) So why would you shortchange us elsewhere like this?

    Do for us, as well as you do in hiring such fine people, and you will go a long way to restoring faith in people like me. Yes, I was very angry with what I saw today, and not motivated to buy if at all possible. But rather than getting testy, I am trying very hard to "discuss" this with you, and let you know this viewpoint, and I know others do share this, and I can only hope its more than just a few. And I am STILL holding out hope that you do the right thing. For me, at the end of the day, whether in business or not, its about doing the right thing.

    Respectfully, but disappointed,

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  8. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    I understand what you're saying, and agree to a significant portion of it. But I think in your hurt you may be lumping things together that are not necessarily related.

    For instance, no one protesting the game going to SC. We did protest, loudly, vehemently, repeatedly - years ago, when they first sprang the Marketplace on us as a surprise (a surprise most of us took in the same vein we might take someone finding an Easter egg under the couch in October and graciously asking if we'd like to eat it). We railed, we ranted, we predicted many dire things that both have and have not resulted. We mourned the loss of what the game was, and eventually adapted to what the game has become. Not completely, and I agree with your stance that more things should be in crafters' books. But the game has changed, and continues to do so, for better and for worse.

    On the decorator's burden/selling stuff that should be crafted/adventurers getting off light - I think this points unfairly assume a few things. First, not all decorators are crafters, nor are all crafters decorators. Yes, there is a high level of convergence between the two groups, but I'm sure plenty of crafters could care less about the fancy house stuff on the Marketplace, while a number of decorators would rather pay a couple bucks to get the items they want and go back to the game than have to beg someone to make them a commission of 20 rose petals, various colors. And there is Marketplace stuff for adventurers too - xp gains, heal pots, vitality elixirs, and research time reducers are all examples. They don't make up the majority of the Marketplace, but that is because the appearance gear and house items sell better. Like any sales company, SOE is going to concentrate the majority of its production on the things people have already proven they want.

    As for why they keep throwing more and more and more stuff on the Marketplace? I'm afraid you actually gave the reason yourself:

    I look at the DOZENS of prestige homes I have bought, the furniture items, the expanders, the mounts, and the list goes on and on and I pour more money into this game than any entertainment area I ever have in a single year! (Decorators, please go look at your credit card statements and receipts and just add up what you have paid in a year, towards your decorating passion in this game, and I bet it might surprise you when you see a cumulative figure.)

    Whatever makes money is what they will do. Giving us free recipes does not make more money. Putting stuff that could be player-made on the Marketplace makes LOTS of money. If people stop paying the extra money for the the pretties, enough people that it's no longer a significant profit-maker, it'll stop. But I doubt that'll happen. Quite honestly, the fact that they gave tradeskillers the full construction block set with no Marketplace equivalent, that the red rose topiary is (in my opinion) far superior to the purple one, that beautiful chest, the hanging rose, the shrubbery and corridons, and so many other new items are gained from quests, from crafting, and from crafting achievements (so they are crafter-exclusive, as they are no-trade), tells me that they are still very interested in keeping the crafters and decorators a happy and viable community. Particularly as the Erollisi Day Marketplace items will only be available these 2 weeks, whereas the player-crafted items (especially that gorgeous green formal outfit) are available year-round.
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  9. Kattt Member

    [In response to Lodrelhai]
    Please understand I have to summarize or even seem to generalize to get to the point. If I expanded on every factor I mentioned, my post would not just be a mini essay, but a novel. And people complain about having to read too much as it is =P lol
    However, I do not believe all raiders don't craft, all decorators don't raid etc etc. The lines blend and mix. This is true. And definitely anything else is not what I meant.
    I know it can be mixed, but like I said, to elaborate on all points would take too long. The summary is intended to say, that there is a large population in game, of those that decorate, more than anything else they do. I even do most, if not all aspects of the game. Even have lightly touched into raiding and would eventually like to do more. But decorating is probably first love in game. But I feel my point is more understood enough, and still applies. They make more money off of decorators. And they do not put half the effort into what they give us aside from shop, as they used to, plain and simple. It's not up to par for their quality of work, and they put their best quality into marketplace, and its a further slap to those of us that give so much. And I want them, and anyone who might read, to see this and speak up. Only speaking up enough, from enough, can make a change.
    And yes, you are right, we are partly guilty for that, hence why I posted this. I truly wish to see a change, and speaking up, and hoping people will see this, and speak up too, for that to in fact promote change, is my hope and intention, nothing more.
    I do hope for change. That might be too idealistic, or not going to happen. But hey, all changes have to start with someone doing or saying something. =)

    And I can only speak from one point of view and say what I see in others, or what people tell me, but again, the generalization does not mean that initially the marketplace wasn't objected to, merely that as time went on, since they could not fight it, that perhaps therein lies the ways we tried to adapt, and yet they took advantage of that as well, and keep tipping scale further. Sooner or later, someone has to say it's enough, so they know to adjust balance, or lose customers.

    Again, I hope for the right thing to be done, even if its only motivated by their desire to maintain good PR, thus good profit. Can't make good profit from unhappy customers, for sure. Or ones whom are gone.
    And on a quick note, it is not hurt I express =) I am actually angry, and see injustice and hope it to be righted, but I really tried, and hope achieved, to maintain a balance of expression, and a level of maturity that can be found reasonable. :) And you did as well, which is also appreciated.

    And overall, lastly, yes you make some reasonable points and highlights. I can see your point of view, for sure.
    But, the summation and point I tried to make still remains, the quality of what they give us IN game with sub, gets lower and lower, while the shop gets fatter (and quality there either stays same or gets way better.) I am not saying all they do is not good. I too loved some of the items you mentioned. But the scales keep tipping further all the time. And I do grow tired of that, as I know others do too.
    And the bottom line is, if it continues this way, they will get players fed up and gone. Will it matter? Maybe yes, maybe not. Big companies do seem to have little heart for the average person, and Sony can afford to be flippant, if they choose to do so. But, for me, the idea, or rather idealistic thing is, I hope they can see that the balance here, really does effect them in the end. It is either win-win, or lose-lose. Look what happened with the Euro deal. They did not take their actions seriously, and many people did leave, and I know they had to feel that hurt in the pocket. Never underestimate the customer, because we do get tired of bad business. This whole scenario could just as well turn around and bite them in the behind. ;) But, for me, I would rather see them do the right thing, the game remain vibrant, and we all go home happy. Will it be all peaches and cream? Heck no. But, you hope for the best anyway....and roll with the punches either way.

    Please know, my message here remains a constant, despite we might quibble over a detail here and there, and I could continue on those hehe. But its not needed. The point is, the balance is way off. I am unhappy with it, I know others who are, and I know we cannot be alone. I wish to reach them, and the players, and say, lets have this dialogue, realize its not right, and please can we make it right? So they can make their deserved money appropriately, even for a business, and we can feel treated well as a customer, remain patrons of the game, and go on maybe with better understanding.

    Then again maybe this will do no good and fall on deaf ears too. I realize that. I am just wanting to do what I feel is right, and hoping for that from others when I speak up, in this case, mainly in the company that I do actually have great admiration for, but feeling very disappointed. They CAN do better, and we both know it.

    Thank you for your very thoughtful, reasonable, and understanding input. :) Its appreciated.
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  10. Xiamara Member

    I have to agree with Katt on this. Sony has definently lost there balance. Now we get more then 80 percent of our content through a pay per item bases. Its getting very much so out of hand. I still pay 15 dollars a month, and buy expansions. But I feel I as a decorator in eq 2 am being forced to pay 2 and 3 times as much to play, as an adventurer does to get content. Having pretty much all of my new content being released on the marketplace is getting to be a frequent slap in the face. Im not going to go on a 6 page essay rant here. But I needed to voice my displeasure with sony of late. Expansions with gimics and no content, and a marketplace full of items which they nickle and dime us for. (Which of course is a gross under exageration since the cheapest item targeted at us is 50 points, and often more then 500 points.)
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  11. jynoth Member

    No one is forcing you to buy anything. There are thousands and thousands of crafted and quested items. As for giving away prestige houses each of my characters currently get two not including my freebooters manor. They give 3 goblin game tickets, 5 LoN booster packs, and 500 SC monthly to gold members that does show loyalty and dedication. Before SC came about the decorators had to use massive amounts of imagination and compromise.
  12. jynoth Member

    Meant freeblood manor.
  13. Dariusdrgn New Member

    I'm still using massive amounts of imagination and compromise. I agree with Katt on a good amount of her postings. SOE is cheating those of us who enjoy the housing and decorating aspect of the game.
    She was totally on point about the last expansions carpenter items. They were dirty looking, horribly colored and designed so badly that I could have meshed them out, myself and had the same result. Also, I've only ever used a few of the items from it, as in the jars for cabinet handles. (( i.e. compromise.))
    Now, look at this Erollisi event. The items on market are higher quality than what they gave us to craft. And, they made sure that the major Hearts A Flutter item (( Rose Topiary)) Is nearly impossible to obtain. There is 'only' one currently on broker for the AB server and it's priced at 99 plat.
    Lodrelhai is also right, they do this because too many people out there will toss away real money for a game graphic, without thinking twice. Even I have done it, but I wait for triple cash and then a sale on the actual items.
    Do I want to? No. Will I keep doing it. Probably not. It's gotten so bad that I don't even log in that much anymore and I'm someone who pays for a gold sub and buys the expansions.
    Eventually they will lose their stable player base, due to these practices. Just will take a while.
    To be honest though, I've done my best decorating on a breakout house, than a prestige one.
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  14. Elostirion Well-Known Member

    Look. the marketplace is an 80/20 item.

    20% of the population uses it to any significant amount, and those 20% pay more thru it than the other 80% contribute in revenue.

    So let the 20% have their shinies. The money they contribute keeps the lights on for the rest of the 80%.
  15. Zannah Active Member

    Nearly impossible to obtain? You can get one every three minutes by just running around. That is not even difficult, let alone "nearly impossible". I realize that some servers might have tougher competition than mine, but the zones that the races take place in are large, and you can earn enough hearts by going in practically any direction.

    I'm all for favouring in-game attainment of items over the marketplace, but if there are players to whom the Erollisi racing is nearly impossible, it's probably a good thing the marketplace exists, so that you can get stuff without even a modicum of challenge.

    By the way, to be on topic for a second, I would totally buy a version of the red formal attire that had all the white bits cut out and showing flesh instead.
  16. jynoth Member

    It still goes back to choice, you choose to spend the money. I personally won't spend money on furniture or stuff like that. I buy flying wings and houses if I want them. I decorate part time and know other decorators who have never spent a dime for furniture. The last expansion crafted items were drab BC if you looked at the zones they were drab.
  17. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    Actually, for some of us it *is* very very hard to get that topiary. I don't know if it's my computer being old and laggy or if I'm just not very good at this sort of thing, but I haven't been able to get one yet. The highest I can get is 78 which is 2 below what I need. I do try, I do make an effort, and just haven't been able to get a single one. If it weren't for someone's kindness (which I am still floored by!) I probably wouldn't have any. I'm going to keep trying though.

    Please, just because it's easy for you, don't assume it's a cake walk for everyone. It's just not very nice.
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  18. Dariusdrgn New Member

    Absyntheea is right. Never assume something is easy for every player when it's obviously not. As for hearts in every direction? Yeah, they are in every direction but concentrated in specific areas, that are raided by several players at once. In other areas, they are sparse and far apart. Oh, and yes, lets be glad the market exists for those of us with older comps and lag. Because we want to spend 99 plat for one damn bush.
    The major point of this event should have been, that it's a holiday. "Let the players have 'fun' and get the items from the events, with some kind of ease."
    Oh, and sorry, but I've raced the Hearts A Flutter race over sixty times now and no topiary yet. That is certainly not every three minutes, but hours of my time for a few coins a run. One more point, if players were getting a rose topiary every three minutes, the AB market would be flooded with them, but as of this afternoon, there was...oh, yeah. 1 topiary.
  19. Debbani New Member

    The rings do not work with a Gi. Still. Rings have not worked with a Gi from day one of rings. Would be nice if someone fixed it.
  20. snarlycarly New Member

    I'm actually very good at running the hearts a flutter or have been in past years but because everyone wants the Rose Topiary, I've barely been able to get over 70 when I used to get 100 easily in years past. There are far too many people competing for them. I woke up at 6 am est yesterday and today hoping it would be quiet and I could try but both times it was packed at both sites and no one had any direction. If I went left, 2 people followed and were on me grabbing the hearts...I tried a few times and gave up this morning as I just felt if was a competition against other players and that just gets you frustrated because they all seemed faster than me. I don't mean to whine but like a lot of people here I like to decorate and given this is the only chance to get them it seems a shame and as people have stated, there is one on sale on AB for almost 100pp. I won't be surprised to see a bunch of them next week on sale for the same amount given they have been so difficult to get. I'm all for a robust economy but if they are priced that high, not all decorators can afford to spend that much on one item. I don't mind paying that much for a raid dungeon reward item because I know the skill required to do a raid and those that do deserve their just rewards but this event is supposed to be for everyone, regardless of level.

    I wish you had put them on the vendor for Erollisi Coin.
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