*New* Maj' Dul Progression guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by zerkd, Jun 5, 2021.

  1. zerkd New Member


    <Forceful Entry>

    New level locking progression guild on Maj' Dul is looking for more members.

    We are going to be locking at 50 for classic until all raid content is cleared and then going to DoF to cap at 60 and so on.

    Need all classes but need healers, utility and DPS mostly at this point.

    There will be no using mercs in raid and no using the 320 AA potion.

    Also no killing raid targets in our current era.

    This is a laid back, chill, organized guild. We aren't rushing to lvl 120 content at all. Going to be exploring and doing all the major questlines at a relaxed pace.

    Raid times are still being worked on but somewhere around 7PM PST two nights a week to start.

    MSG me to join our discord.
  2. zerkd New Member


    Guild is thriving and currently lvl 53 with guild hall. We are in high need of healers/utility/and DPS. Also need a solid knight.
    Raid nights are FRI/MON 7PM-10PM PST.

    MSG me in-game at block or ask anyone in guild for an invite.

    Discord is https://discord.gg/dRNtCnrq

    Come be apart of something special.
  3. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    am dumb question ? is this an EQ2 guild ? because there are no knights in EQ2
    I got a Dirge in the right level range .
  4. Jamen New Member

    This guy made the guild and left. We are still there running it without him. Nostalgia on Maj'dul.

    Obviously he meant SK