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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Schmetterling, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Oh sure the mount is not really related but it came with the same update. I was mentinning it because it is quite nice, much nicer than the hunter items but it require much less efforts to get.
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  2. Tobias Fünke Member

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  3. Kalika Well-Known Member

    At least the hunter they added some named in Hidden Cache (the master thief had a feather last time unlike before), i assume that they did it too in silent city (Chrol replied recently). I hope that they will make coin heirloom and make the items a bit better.
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  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    yes Kalika I want one of those ponies , bad , but if your not an sk or one of the other classes that can solo those places
    the chances of getting one are very slim. This is why I really was hoping that the items would get upgraded so more people would want to run the hunter quest .
    Well I finally got a quest that allows me to enter the cave of Knowledge
    And yes they added some named' s to 34 different zones that I know of . Shimmering Citadel , Silent City ,
    Living Tombs , and Hidden Cache.
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  5. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Chrol stated that Caith has the fix working for the Odyssey issue.
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  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    oops I did not mean 34 zones but only 4 zones.
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  7. Dude Well-Known Member

    Look again. :)
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  8. Tobias Fünke Member

    Yep, after I posted in here. So, you're welcome.
  9. Venser Active Member

    I have done a total of 35 zones total solo as a Swash. I run 4 zones usually, sometimes I'll thrown in a PoF zone, but not very easy to solo. I haven't seen the mount yet unfortunately. Some have seen it several times in groups, but nothing alone. The vender loot $$ is nice, but just trying for the mount for me is taking forever
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  10. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Somebody in my guild goes solo through those zones all the time and has seen the mount drop 3 or 4 times ,
    to bad it's not heirloom or he could get it at least for his alts. I keep on seeing more and more of those so don't give up
    we both might get it before the server goes down for good .
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  11. Kalika Well-Known Member

    My conjurer can solo HC and she got two mount in may 6-7 runs, may be the chance to get one was higher when the mount came out since in the recent run she got total crap (treasured 3 times). She can also solo the roast but is too lazy to do it.
  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    we just ran the hidden cash again 3 level 60 2 mages one warden and we did it ok but none in the group could have done it alone . one of us being squishy because of mediocre gear and 2 of us just being squishy cloth wearers
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  13. Grrrrrl New Member

    So has anyone seen any "elite marks" in the cave of knowledge after doing the quest for Omnushan? According to the wiki there is /'a toxic cobra/' but i haven't seen it both times ive cleared the zone (Cleared as in no mobs left at all) so basically anything with the cave of knowledge for hunters will not update since it is just a zone of heroic mobs and no names? I'm slightly frustrated about grinding out the faction only to have it only be an update once and never again. This zone clearly isnt appropriate for a hunters quest. unless there are static mobs not hidden behind a one time quest update.
  14. Chrol Developer

    There are a few named encounters in there but they're rare spawns, and since nothing respawns, if they're not up when you first enter, you'll never see them in that version.

    I've updated the Giant Desert Scorpion/King Cobra spawns so either of those two are guaranteed to be up for your quest update. This will be in the next hotfix.
  15. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Thanks till now we zoned in and zoned out without killing anything if no named was up.

    I suggest you alo to :
    • Make coins heirloom.
    • Remove or lower faction requirement for the cave of knowledge. You need +20K to enter the cave , the questline brings you to -20K with a +1500 repeatable, this mean around 25 repetitions. Currently we can enter because good toons can grind the faction in the sprawl and we have a guildmate from qeynos who did so. So lowering the faction to something around -20K or simply removing any requirment would be nice.
    • Make the items appealing.
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  16. Grrrrrl New Member

    Awesome!! ty so much!!!
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  17. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    There were new much better rewards added to the present hunter quest.:D:cool:.
    15 items to pick from for different classes and some for all classes .
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  18. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    the T5 hunter quest also now has new items but now all hunter coins are no trade so no more doing quests for alts they got to work for their own rewards.
    At least it looks like we get to keep the old one at least for now .
    the new items for T5 are the same as for T6 only level 50 instead of level 60.
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  19. Tobias Fünke Member

    I really hate to be that guy, but they went too far in the other direction. A 91 rating dagger when the reward to the KoS epic questline is a 71 rating cutlass is way OP. And fervor?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy they did something and it's going to make a lot of people do Hunters for the next however many weeks. But it's also shooting the next xpack in the foot. I'm not even going to complain that I should have been doing the quest for the formerly crap items assuming they would eventually decide to upgrade them. It is what it is at this point.....
  20. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    hey we all will end up on a regular server sooner or later take the ferver you will need it there.
    I agree they went over board yes I expected that they would just upgrade the 2 items a little anyways people have jumped into hunter quests with both feet even people who did not do them the first time around .

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