Need Wizard DPS Advice for TLE Kaladim

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Aurorikin, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Aurorikin New Member

    So I've hit level 50, got my prismatic, all my DOTs and DDs are expert or higher except Ice Comet which is Adept, all my gear is 50 minus three pieces (working on that)

    The problem is I have terrible DPS. My last Icy run, I did 385 DPS while the other DPS did 900+/1000+ and I think it's my fault not my gear which has to mean my rotation, right? So bare with me, this is my rotation on the average fight. If it's a mob that are gonna die quick, I skip the Dots and start with Ice Comet then Ball of Fire.

    Open with DOTs:
    Ice Spears

    Then DDs:
    Ice Comet
    Ball Of Fire
    Protoflame (limited pet)
    Magma Chamber
    Solar Flare
    Flame Of Velious
    Master Strike
    If there is 3 or more mobs, I include Fire Storm
    If the encounter that has mobs linked, I include Storm Lightning and Glacial Wind.
    I only recast the dots if no DDs are currently usable. With Epic x2 or higher this usually happens a couple times

    I removed Smite of Consistency from my hot bar because someone instructed me it lowers your DPS as there is always something better to cast. I'm open to that being wrong. In fact I'm asking for any and all advice anyone can give me on being a productive Wizard. I spend a lot of hours everyday playing this game and I want to play it the best that I can. I don't think I've ever kept up with another wizard in Icy or a raid.
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  2. Vunder Well-Known Member

    I am guessing that you are grouped with summoners or melee. You will never compete with them until AA comes into play. If ever.
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  3. Aurorikin New Member

    Interesting! I mean it makes me feel like less of a failure but more than one group has been adamant about a wizard should be doing 1k+ damage? Are you certain?

    Assuming you're completely right, what is the point of playing a wizard? Ports until they don't matter? I don't mean to be bitter; just really considering things.

    What would you say is the best DPS class? I'm sick of playing healer and I generally don't enjoy tanking so I would like to go max on DPS..
  4. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Summoner or ranger/sin Those are your top parsing toons. I do pretty good on my brigand, but once my debuffs are in they blow past me hard
  5. Daedallus New Member

    Might want to re-think your rotation. dots first is not always the way to "maximize dps" if those dots never get to finish. if your groups are killing giants fast, you might want to consider front loading your dps with your hard hitting quickest/highest damage spells. putting dots on mobs that only last 10 seconds is just spending mana for no gain.

    I play an Illy, I have pretty crap gear, no prismatic yet. and i consistently hit 700ish zonewide dps for icy. (depends on group.. if tank or healer sucks i spent a lot more time stunning...)

    You also got to take into account the individual fight. Bosses vs Trash Group vs AE. You are never going to beat a summoner on an AE fight. you just dont have the tools.. and it inflates thier zonewide numbers (Yay mr Conji, you did 4k dps on the 8 Rat pull!, heres a cookie). Single target, however. you should be able to be competitive and reach that 900/1k mark.
  6. Raskis New Member

    I have a Wizard that is level 45 and can pull around 600-650 dps on a single target and have spiked at 1.2k on a 4 mob encounter all in CT. Will I do 1k+ on single target with level 50 gear and a prismatic....remains to be seen.

    My advice is this.... Not all wizard abilities are even worth casting. I use around 6 core abilities and the rest are throw aways.
    Don't spend time casting abilities that are not worth it, especially when your good ones have already refreshed and are ready to use. BTW the only DoT I use is Glacial, the rest are not very effective. Ice Spikes however is a must for the debuff of elemental.

    Hope this helps

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