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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Rattlehead, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Rattlehead Guest

    I'm sure this forum gets a lot of this particular question, but... I'm trying to decide between the races: Ratonga, Kerra, Arasai and Dark Elf (recently added to the list).
    I'm stuck between aesthetics and well, the general racials.
    What will really help me decide is: Which of the races are more suiting to the look / personality of a Dirge?
    I'd appreciate a good response, as it will help me decide much sooner. Thanks for reading!
  2. ARCHIVED-haawkings Guest

    I had the same trouble but a month ago, I made it a dark elf in the end because they got a cold smooth look that I like, but it could just as well have been a kerra or a rat :p Or well not a rat.
  3. ARCHIVED-Rattlehead Guest

    Haha, not the Rat then eh?
  4. ARCHIVED-TalanRM Guest

    Is that rat envy there? Ratonga dirge for the win!
  5. ARCHIVED-Lord Hackenslash Guest

    My dirge is totally Emo so I chose the Arasi because of the low hanging hair over the eye hairstyle and the Goth dance they do from southpark.
    Try /dance on an arasai if you never have before.
  6. ARCHIVED-GreenArmadillo Guest

    If you are just worried about appearence, note that Dirges get a class illusion spell that lets them disguise themselves as Dark Elves. My Dirge is a Fae, but I do occasionally switch to DE form when it feels more appropriate not to have wings. ;)
  7. ARCHIVED-Jihrun Guest

  8. ARCHIVED-RedneckHippy Guest

    My Dirge is a Human. Mainly because I cant stand the layout of Freeport
  9. ARCHIVED-Kasandria Guest

    I had done an analysis when the new racials came out looking at my current and future toons and how important I thought which stat was. For rogues in general I ranked STR as three times as important as Int. I ended up ranking them in this order for naked stats (ie no armor). The asterisks mean they get the 'scout' racial package. There are some interesting mixed packages for the Human, Kerra and Half Elf but you would have to determine if they are as important as other aspects. By the way, I'm not personally a Min/Maxer but I like to know what I'm getting with my decisions and I usually prefer to go with a race that's in the top half at least for a particlular class.
    1. Human
    2. Half Elf
    3. DE*
    3 Gnome*
    5. Arasai*
    5. Ratoonga*
    Big Drop
    7. Halfling*
    8. Wood Elf*
    9. Fae*

    I ended up going DE for my new Dirge. I was too unfamiliar with the class to determine if the mixed packages offered an interesting enough lure although I also made a human Swashie so I guess I will find out slowly over time. I was also moving away from Gnomes and Fae/Arasai because I had several of them (I had 9 winged toons when I started remixing LOL) I should mention that I half (ie two toons on one computer) box and my new Dirge is paired with my Conjurer.

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