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    I am totally confused. My temp is 92/320AA and I'm a casual player. I could raid
    a few days a week, but my guild is basically hard core or nothing, although they allow
    us to raid one day a week EZ mode.

    Question: I have full EZ mode raid gear and some red adorns, and as many white adorns
    as I could afford (spendy). I understood the crit mit thing, and just when I got to a decent level it
    went away. What are we aiming for now as healers for stats? Crit Bonus and Crit chance?

    2) I have a few heroic drop pieces and all the withered lands quest pieces. They all have a zillion
    stats on them... are we supposed to reforge these all and with what general priority?

    3) Looks like I should be dropping most all my raid gear now for the few heroic pieces?

    4) I'm told I'm a decent healer, but in the new zones solo healing didn't seem to work too
    well, do I unsually suck? (maybe!)

    5) what line are people going down in the prestige classes?

    Thanks for any responses, I really appreciate it. I had the old stuff mostly figured out, but now
    I feel like I need remedial math.
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    Silkmyst wrote:
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    Use your EM raid gear, and replace it with 92 legendary group drops in skyshrine, and work through the quests line in skyshrine.
    Do not use the wakening lands solo quest gear.
    If you have trouble solo healing the new zones, and it's because of a lack of group cures, then do what you can. If it's something else then yes, somebody sucks, sorry. It might or might not be you, or the tank, or your gear.
    I haven't bothered reforging yet, but I should. Get rid of useless stats, and convert them into things you need.
    I took the right side all the way down on prestige, but anything you pick will probably be okay.
    Crit chance is the only gear check - and should be easy to meet with EM raid gear. Any group content, you probably won't have to worry, but the way you check is look for a zonewide debuff on beneficial crit chance, and add 100. That's your target. In the instances, target a mob which is not fighting, and look at its buffs. Look for critical avoidance and add 100. You can see its buffs by going to options, user interface, targetting windows - show spell effects on target (by memory, so exact option could be wrong). Oh yeah, you have to click the "advanced" button on the top right to see that option.
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    Hey thanks guys :)

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