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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Clamin, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Clamin New Member

    I hit level 107 and cast "Undead Knight X". The pet is blue and only level 106. I am 107. Is this a known bug?
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  2. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    Blighted Hoarde will be blue too - since both of those spells have been "upgraded" to the next teir (107 plus) - i.e Undead Knight XI...
    Bear in mind though - if your tank pet is mastered, the new spell will be apprentice - and perform terribly in comparision to the previous master (until you upgrade the new spell).
    Hopefully - the crafting of spells will be fixed soon so more testing can be accomplished.
  3. bondii New Member

    I saw this at the end of Beta as well. All the other pets would scale but not the tank pet.
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  4. Clamin New Member

    Thanks Zeddicious. I thought your pet was always your level until you hit the cap for that pet.

    For example, when questing 100+ and I received my new caster pet, my older previous tier became blue. Meaning, it would not keep up with my level any more. I forget the exact level cap, but I think it was 102. So, I unsummoned the lower tier and summoned the new tier. It then matched my level at 103. However, the tank pet is not acting the same. It seems to be capped at level 106 even though i'm 107.

    Bondii, thanks for the reply. it seems like this would have been fixed before launch. Pets are kinda a big deal to necros lol. Maybe they will get it fixed soon.
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  5. Mordrake71 New Member

    Having the exact same issue pet summons at lv 106 max for undead knight
  6. Mordrake71 New Member

    Also would like to add this is a BIG DEAL, outside POM zones our pet isn't buffed with fount power buff and our primary tank pet is limited to lv 106, not sure why this isn't fixed asap!
  7. Clamin New Member

    Still not fixed as of 12/3/2017. Is there a bug report forum i'm overlooking? I'd love to give any helpful feedback I can if needed.
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  8. Mordrake71 New Member

    I submitted a ticket and posted in support forums, not sure where else to post to get DEV response/fix (
  9. demonik New Member

    I am having the same issue. This is crazy. Please fix this issue. I use a lot of tainted heals and a level 110 Necro with a level 106 pet is worthless!
  10. Alexstrasza Active Member

    Isn't the Epic 2.0 pet just better anyway?
  11. Observing Active Member

    Not everyone has their epic 2.0.
    Even without it, you should be tanking anyway instead of your pet.
    You probably have 7-10x the effective HP of your pet, and 2-3 complete heals on short timers
  12. Mordrake71 New Member

    I do not have my epic2 yet, and outside of pom zones with fount buff necromancers don't tank anything relevant to my level without a tank pet which is max summon level 106 atm,
  13. Observing Active Member

    My pet has 8M health. I have 20M health plus a 27M regenerating ward, and I can heal myself just about as much as I can heal my pet with Tainted Heals. Why would my pet tank?

    Are you actually trying to tank true heroic zones in POP with the tank pet? Did that work in KA?

    Maybe you are missing some survivability AAs/Prestige.
    This is my current spec:
  14. Krue New Member

    I haven't even bothered with the tank pet, didn't bother in KA either.

    I've been using the GM mage pet myself, just slap on the tank buff and hes a beast for tanking solo/adv solo, was same deal during KA. I find the mage much more versatile once you adapt.

    Still a valid concern regarding the tank pet, it should be working as intended.
  15. Mordrake71 New Member

    So after extensive examination of your gear and build I see that your epic gives 28% more hits, your gem which I looked up as part of the epic quest line reward gives 100% health, and a few items you have are higher health pools than my gear.

    I have 11.5 mil hits with Bhoogarhealer out, so unless I'm mistaken your epic gem reward and epic contribute to most of your health pool upgrades.

    How does comparing your stats and gear help me with my broken tank spell?

    What made you jump to any conclusion I tried to tank POP heroics or any KA heroics?

    Speaking of KA heroics....

    As I get closer to finishing my epic2 I need to complete Barons workshop on heroic and one other KA heroic Kasora I think.

    2 weeks asking for help on Isle of refuge server has gotten me no closer to updating my epic 2.

    Thanks for your AA advice build but please realize you have your epic2 and bonuses from that quest line.

    I have POP gear, a few upgrades from drops 105 level max, no spell upgrades and a broken tank.
  16. Observing Active Member

    I agree with you, the tank pet should be able to tank.
    Until that happens, I am trying to give you actionable advice to help you now.
    And that advice is you tank and DPS, and your scout (or mage) pet DPS's.
    I did that all through KA with my scout pet, even before I had my epic (it is impossible for the epic pet to tank).

    So four more pieces of advice for survivability:

    1. If you need them, you can get two death saves from AA: Servant's Intervention from the Heroic page and Undeath from the Dragon page.

    1. If you don't need the resolve, you can swap out a POP weapon for a slightly worse KA weapon with a purple adorn slot and put a purple Bolstered Attributes on it for 10% more stamina.

    2. Infuse gear if you think you will keep it a while and have the plat. That will increase its stamina by 33%.

    3. I don't have Bhoogar to compare, but the Gardening Goblin merc from the KA tradeskill line is my best healer (but no cures), buffed with crit bonus, potency, strikethrough, accuracy and haste. He will heal you completely every 1.1 seconds. The quest line is 2-3 hours, plus the annoying prerequisites, plus the waiting time for the plant to grow, plus the merc training time.

    4. Of my 1074% max health, 128.5% come from my epic and epic adorn. In comparison, 48% comes from the POP PQ relic bracelet (guaranteed after 20 PQs) just from the Prestige potency to max health conversion. But the most comes from proving grounds adorns: 200% forearms adorn and 200% fingers adorn. I admit the solo proving grounds grinding is quite annoying and slow since they increased the lockout to 3 hours.

    Don't give up hope. Sometime during POP you will be able to solo your epic 2.0 and that will feel great. I was able to clear the first named and spider rooms in Baron's Workshop (Heroic) molo on a test today. It was kind of rough. I will have to try again without my epic pet or weapon. The largest single hit that I took was 6M damage, so you probably need 13M hp to survive two hits with no healing. I was healed 927 times, 8 times for more than 11.5M health. Would have been cleaner swapping out stun, stifle, and fear immunity purple adorns, using death saves, wearing +Mit gear, Consumption, Feasting Soul, Blood Contract, Revocation of Life, etc.

    The real upgrades in POP I find for solo players come from PQs, weekly solo quests, expert collections, TLE inheritance, and the heroic jewelry merchant
  17. Krue New Member

    While you work on the above (like myself) make sure you grab the GM mage as your 105 GM choice, slap the tank buff on it, type /pet melee, and you now have a good enough tank for solo/adv solo. I'm still using the master tank buff from previous tier. On my server they pretty cheap if you don't have a copy.

    I'm running regular quest/faction gear, my HP are only around 4 million as well.
  18. Drackore Member

    What tier of knight are you using? Expert, master, etc...

    I'm just wondering if this only happens with expert but is fine with Master.
  19. Ragna Well-Known Member

    Used to affect all tiers but It was fixed mid-december. That's why this thread hasn't 10+ pages ;)

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