Necromancer Spell - Blood Boil: Where to find it?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Odium, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. Odium New Member

    Hi all -

    Every so often, I feel like a dummy - even though I've played Necro since 2005. Apparently, there is a spell called Boil Blood that some suggest replaces Blood Coil. But I can't find it. I also just recently found "Consume Essence" as an alternative to Consumption (found the spell at the status merchant in Seru) but no luck with Boil Blood

    Do any of you know where this Boil Blood spell can be found? Is is a quest reward? Something else?


  2. Odium New Member

    I've been able to get an answer to this question elsewhere, so here it is :

    You need to complete the Sol Eye Heroic - I assume Boil Blood is then a reward or drop, not sure which.

    But since the Sol Eye Heroic involves not only raid-like mechanics, but a resolve of 3865 for the final encounter with a very decent chance that really only raid-geared groups, (or where at least some members are raid geared) can be successful, I will cross Boil Blood off the list of things I'll be getting, and instead add it to the growing list of things designed to reward end-content raid-style players while providing absolutely nothing for the casual, solo, or in fact even decently-geared group.

    This is not a poke a raiders -If you work up to the hard content, master the challenges, learn your class like no other and build a team of true experts, you ought to get nice rewards - I've no issue with that. But I do have issue with how every cool thing, even in fact class spells (such as in this case) runes, and the like, are basically off the table for anyone that's not in that near-raid level category and unlike years past where you might get a raid group to sneak you in, these days, you're not a player, just a number, and usually a number in Pot or Res that is too low for a group to even bother. You can't even craft your way to buy this stuff on the broker, like years past, because near everything is no-trade. Given this zone's difficulty, I also shudder to think how a PUG would perform.

    Disappointed, but not surprised.
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  3. Leetch Member

    I looked up your character on eq2wire and honestly, there is much more you can do to improve

    Here are some suggestions:

    * Infuse all your gear (all 3)
    * You are missing a bunch of red and white adorns on your gear. The whites you have are mostly "planar" and useless. The greens you have are "planar". You can get better greens from just running the solo zones.
    * Get the ethereal red torment rune. This is a must-have item and not hard to get. Just do ahoy and BB.
    * drop warlord's insight blue and get the one from Kael merchant. I think just need some CDheroic coins to buy it.
    * run the CD zones once to get the mysteries blue rune
    * get blue rage maybe for third blue. No excuse for having empty slots
    * switch your 8s wand to a 4s crossbow
    * get your elemental avatar ascension to celestial (do the celestial doctrine quest in myrist) for the fervor/adc
    * reforge properly. aim for 100% recovery, 100% double cast. Don't do things like reforge WDB into casting speed...
    * can't check this, but max your familiar - you can get a fabled one from daily familiars quest if you're lucky
    * get all slots on mount unlocked + bonus bardings from overseer
    * get the celestial merc (from overseer I believe) and get that to max also
    * if you have plat, buy raid gear when it goes up for auction.

    Having said all this my own character is pretty well geared and I find it hard getting a group, let alone one in sol eye. Its not because of gear, its because sol eye is easy to fail and with the huge lockout on the zone, people don't often want to take randoms along with them.
  4. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    This one, and all other spells that come from SE are rewards from the first quest. You can pick it up if you so wish to look at said spell by examining the body inside the zone as long as you can dodge the trash mob that passes by it.

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see a merchant with these spells on it next expac, much like the BoL spell, as it's just given to you in Beta(Whether that's just for beta purposes is tbd).
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  5. Odium New Member

    Appreciate the thoughts on this, but as with most things its easier said than done. I'm also less concerned about maxing out every detail of my character, this post is more about the habit now in EQ2 of locking up "cool stuff" with but one way to access it - and to be honest, its taken quite a bit just to get where I am as a solo player. Here's a few counters:

    1) I've infused everything, with everything, that I either have or can find. If there's something missing, I don't know what it is. Everything I try on the infused items tells me some variation of "can't infuse more". In addition. some of the gear I am wearing (panda stuff, for example) cannot be infused at all it seems - yet it is better than the infused gear it replaced

    2) I have all white adorns, so something is off with EQ2u if it shows them missing. I have virtually no red adorns (just 2 I think) and no real means of getting others. My white adorns are not mostly planar - some are admittedly, because the stat it provides ( +life) seems more than sufficient.

    3) The excuse for empty slots, is not having the means to fill them - so I do take exception to that comment. Its not like I don't try to see what I can get done.

    4) Crossbow I get, but I hate ...HATE.....having to have bolts. I'm a caster, not a ballista.

    5) Reforge properly - LOLOLOL. Everybody, and I do mean everybody, has some different idea about how to reforge and what to reforge into. I've changed my reforges so many times, based on "better" advice, that I've lost count. So with no offense intended, I can only add your advice to a list of entirely contradictory advice that says the exact opposite. I was specifically told you cannot reforge into double cast for example because extra cast speed no longer falls off into double cast. I was told to focus entirely on DPS mod, and before that, Potency only. And those are just the times I remember.

    6) I have a fabled familiar, level 5 - if there is some way to get 5 more levels without buying hundreds of dollars worth of familiars and feeding them to the existing one, I'm all ears

    I do appreciate your feedback, but you must consider that much of what you have here may seem easy or obvious for you, but when you come back to the game in the middle of BOL, having not played since 85 was the lvl cap - things a re little different, and much (if not all) of what you suggest requires a team effort - which as you say even for yourself as comparatively well equipped, is far from easy.

    All that said though. I never actually complained about my character or the stuff I have. I complained about the new line of thought that makes it virtually impossible to achieve some cool things, unless you meet a number, convert to a near-raid-level player and run instances over and over until you can do so in your sleep. Back "in my day" you might get a raid to take you in on a instance, and nobody interrogated you about half a dozen stats first. Failing that, you might buy stuff from the broker - stuff that's now no-trade. OR....shocker, buy Master Crafted Pristine equipment that while not as good, was still pretty nice.....these days...does anyone even bother crafting?

    I will look at some of your input though, see if I can make any of it work.
  6. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    I think he meant to say get "recovery" and "reuse" to 100%, because you're right, double cast is out the window in favor of ability double cast, which you can't reforge into.
    The main reason mages and healers dumped wands was because food/drink snacks don't work on wands, only xbows and bows and for mages/priests who can't use bows, that leaves xbows. If you're a more casual player that doesn't care about those kinds of things, by all means press on with your wand.
    Frankly, I never saw a green adorn drop running solos. I did see one green adorn drop running the POI quest on one character at completion. I have 19 and quite a few went through those and only saw that green adorn once.
    I get your point about hiding new spell/CA in a new zone you may or may not ever run. I also think they'll probably have those available in next xpac. One of the annoying things about this xpac is the inability to craft certain spells because they didn't put them in the recipe book. That's true for current spells as well as the new ones. You can upgrade the seru ones running BB, etc. and upgrade to Master and GM for 230 coins each time. That said, not every spell/CA put into game for the different classes may be effective. One "replaces" the other, so "choose wisely."
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  7. Feonah New Member

    As a soloer, I too am having problems with finding an upgrade to this. Reasonable gear ( all Panda) reasonable stats but I too am never going to be invited to join a raid or even group, (I've done 1 BB). I was ticked that the green adorn they gave us with the free armour would upgrade only on group or raid missions then was told there was another one , a Sambata Spirit Stone, that's a drop on the solo missions and upgrades with the solo weekly missions. Admittedly they're rare but I do have 2 now and they're filling up nicely.
    I'm working on levelling my adorner (adv lvl) so he can get the SS and pick up the adorn distillations (?) recipes as I have plenty of powder, infusions etc but need the last item ( the empyral mana ) which you might only get by transmuting fabled gear and there's no chance of me getting that.
    Wish they had still kept the mastercrafted items on par with pre-luclin but they're really no better than some of the drop stuff and a waste of time using rares to make them. Use all my tsers to make spell / CA upgrades, food and drink, tinkered stuff and, soon, adorns as well as gear for my low levels which is the only option left to me. I came to the conclusion a long time ago when I returned to the game nearly 2 years ago, that raids are always going to come first so soloers, casual players and those that just play for the fun ( gasp) are always going to play second fiddle to the committed raider or P2W nutter.
  8. Raff Well-Known Member

    If you purchase the new xpac, you get "Boil Blood" as part of the expansion.

    As well as a grandmaster and celestial spell upgrade. But be careful, you only get one of each per account. Not per character. I used them on my healer thinking I would get one on my dps alt...but no...sigh.