Necromancer FAQ with pet pictures! (Old version with Feb. feedback!)

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Eirgorn Guest

    There used to be a training option at lvl 20 for a new pet called the Fallen Hero. They took him out of the game with the other old training options in LU13 tjhough, so pretty much disregard any info on him. Now for soloing, just use your lvl 10 tank till lvl 24 when you get the undying adherent.
  2. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Darn, I thought I'd purged all references to the hero pet out of the FAQ... you aren't missing anything, the hero pet was removed from the game a couple weeks ago.
    As for solo'ing, yes we are very good at it though I don't think we have a massive advantage over the other mage classes when doing it. Probably is a mistake to downplay the ability though when compared to every other class. I'll think of another way to word that passage.
    Edit: Ah, I did purge it out of the FAQ proper, it's those pesky posts that come later... just keep in mind that the FAQ is constantly updated, the replies are not.
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  3. ARCHIVED-Urbannaja Guest

    The Fallen Hero pet used to be a lvl 20 training spell option that had a cool graphic (like the strangely stiched zombie). It was removed with the recent combat revamp with all of the old training spells. However, the graphic for it was put in our new lvl 52 tank pet (the master version).
  4. ARCHIVED-Tyralus Guest

    WOW thanks for the quick response guys... you all rock. If I had this type of community support with my Templar and they had not nerfed him to the stoneage, I might still be playing him.

    Still looking for any suggestions on duo or trio partners though. Although us Necro's tend to keep to ourselves (heh heh) I still would like to hear your take on it.

    Thanks again for the quick comeback.

  5. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Templars, furies and warlocks are my favorites to duo with though we can small group with most anyone. If I was looking to trio I'd add a tank to the duo lineup (pally's are my favorite tanks).
  6. ARCHIVED-Urbannaja Guest

    I like pallys and warlocks. Warlocks can help us mow through group encounters like butter, and pallys make for great tradition tank/dps combo with the added healing by both of us to keep the party going alot longer than most others could.
  7. ARCHIVED-Azhais Guest

    I'm just creating a new necro, and was wondering if these suggestions are still valid post combat changes? I have a few coral lying around and figure I might as well twink.

    I plan on getting the level 10 pet right away, and dust blast still seems obvious, but was curious about the rest. One of the big changes they put in was making all of the various spells that used to stack from "pre-class" days not stack anymore. Is soothe servant still on its own timer, etc?

    Also, what do people recommend master 2'ing on the way up? I figure if soothe still stacks the master 2 at 14 seems logical. and get the rats at 24. Just wondering if that aligns with what others find useful.

    edit: as long as I'm at it, does anyone have a full post-combat changes spell list available someplace?
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  8. ARCHIVED-Tyralus Guest

    Altho I have seen opinions differ from mine, I will say that I picked the Master II Soothing spell and have had no regrets. If you solo a lot (and I do) then I find you have to run much less often if you can keep the pet up. Now with that having been said... I would like to hear the opposite from some more experienced Necro's. I am only level 22 but I have gotten there with 98% solo work, and a lot of my quick leveling is due to the fact that I can finish close encounters by keeping my pet alive long enough to do so.

    22 Necromancer Mistmoore
  9. ARCHIVED-Eriol Guest

    Try Spell Forum at The Summoner's Tower. It's got a full spell list, as well as a seperate thread with full adept3 upgrade recommendations. They're both stickies (both necro and conjuror).
  10. ARCHIVED-Kuvala Guest

    Not available at ally either. Devs in beta stated that these spells would only be available as Adept 1 and Master 1 drops, and Adept 3 and Master 3 (?) single-spell recipe scrolls.
    Sages can buy the Adept 3 recipe scrolls from the court faction merchant (merchant not bursar) for about 6g as no-trade items. So anyone that needs an Adept 3 and has a rare can just pay the sage 6g extra if he doesn't have the recipe scribed yet. I have no idea why people think they can get 15g+ on the broker for the ancient teachings scrolls.
  11. ARCHIVED-Urbannaja Guest

    Not all sages are going to be able to get into a faction (at least not that quick) so they won't mind paying the extra dough for it (especially with a pushy necro who wants his spell NOW)
  12. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Ok, now the combat change revision is done ;).
  13. ARCHIVED-Tyralus Guest

    Could you please list for us (or mark them in some way from your original post) the spells that scale with you. I am not sure how to find out what they are or what to pick at my training levels. I just upgraded to Swarm of Rats Master II at 24. Nice spell that one. It would save me a boatload of digging for info if you could mark the scaling ones though.... thanks in advance.

    24 Necromancer Mistmoore
  14. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Scaling spells are all pets and most limited pets (rats, dogs and the ghastly stench line). I also loosly consider the pet buffs to scale as well (technically they don't but they increase a scaling pets damage by a percentage making the spell better each level).
  15. ARCHIVED-Kuvala Guest

  16. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    I like these spells alot too but they really only become powerhouses once Lich is achieved. Even then, this spell is a little too situational to be a "must have" compared to the pets, heals, pet buffs, ancient spells and dumbfire pets... in my opinion. In the T5 list it would probably be #7 and T6 #9.
    Some mobs just have a higher than average resist to slash/pierce so could be why you were seeing improved performance from the grim. I usually parse each pet for a little while if I'm in a grouped area to see which does the best damage against the chosen mobs, sometimes you will see the assassin have more resist problems, sometimes the grim. Grimmies just a little too streaky for my tastes though (and condemning blade is bloody great).
  17. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Might want to repost the new FAQ so all comments are relevant to the post L13 world and there arent pages of pre changes issues/concerns.
  18. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Good idea and done, lets see if the repost can get floated and the old one hit with bouyancy ;).
  19. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    PM Blackguard?
  20. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    I PM'd Moorgard since I never see Blackguard active on the boards... we shall see if I can get a new float, the necromancer forum is anethma to red names so may take some trickeries and tomfooleries to get one of them on here ;).

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