Necromancer - Does Race Matter?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Eacho, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Eacho Guest

    I was just curious to know if Race matters when it comes to classes in EQ2? I just picked up the All-In-One park w/ all the expansions, etc. I rolled a Dark Elf Necromance, cause I figured Dark Elves would be a good caster type. But Im kinda having an issue with being short.... lol.
    I noticed the alternate models feature and came up with an awesome looking Barbarian Necro. But I just want to know if that would be a good choice early on? Or does it not really matter, cause from what I was reading in other posts, Necros arent really gear dependant until about 50+, and I figure then Ill be more stat heavy.
    But Im just curious if anyone could fill me in on possible pros and cons of certain races being certain classes. IE: Barbarian Necromancer.
  2. ARCHIVED-Davngr1 Guest

    play what ever race you like most first and fore most. i have a erudite assasin and im happywith him, sure one of the scout races would have given him some advantages but it's a game and i think my erudite assasin is fun.
  3. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    For a min/max player the best races to use for necromancer is dark elf, arasai and erudite. However there are a few races besides those that are also decent to use, iksar being one for their hitpoint racial trait and spell crit. Maybe frogloks too (not totally sure on froglok racials tho since I'd never make one).
    But make any race you would enjoy playing, stats like intelligence aren't a huge deal at higher levels since they are so easily capped from gear, buffs and adornments.
  4. ARCHIVED-Sabutai Guest

    Sciomar@Unrest wrote:
    viva la FROGS!!
  5. ARCHIVED-Cinnimon Guest

    Now don't forget the 'High Elf'!!
    They also get added bonuses too that enhance any mage class as well a healer class too.
  6. ARCHIVED-Hobr0001 Guest

    In terms of stats, race doesn't make one bit of difference. I think an erudite maybe might have 10-15 more int than a "dumb" race like barbarian at lv 1, but on my 80 Necro I have 1000 int so 15 is no biggy. Racial abilities however can make your toon more enjoyable however, like on my dark elf I have ultravision, which some people don't like but helps me to see in the dark, a 15% runspeed increase while invisible, and a glide trait so I can jump off any height and float down, along with many others. On the other hand, 70% of all Necros are dark elves, so if you wanna be unique, a barbarian or troll would do that. Make sure you get what you want before you start putting dozens of hours into your guy because I've heard plenty of stories of how people have leveled a toon named dodohead to 80 and then wish they could change it but can't.
  7. ARCHIVED-Eacho Guest

    I did some further investigating by making some toons, and looking at their racials. And I think for now Ill stick w/ the Dark Elf. My thing was I thought I looked short as hell. But then I noticed the Barb / Ogre werent that much bigger, they just seem that way on the character selection screen.
    I was digging the look of the Barb Necro, but I dont how well +Str racials are going to do for me. They seem to have some +Heal abilities as well, and was wondering if those affected the Heal Minion spell? If so, it might make them more viable. But Hover alone has me sold w/ the Dark Elves. Cause Im known to put the game when Im xpin' solo, on auto run, and alt tabbing, to come back dead, from falling off a cliff. Lol.
    Thanks for all the positive feedback.
    @ Lv. 12 now as of this morning. Totally loving it. But Ive been slacking due to me mining resources trying to level my crafting skill to make my upgraded spells. Heh heh.
    Next step. Finding a potential guild to call home. :)
  8. ARCHIVED-Ticker123 Guest

    Eacho wrote:
    I think they are too tall, maybe whil most my toons are gnomes/arasai etc. Seems like I'm barely walking with tall toons. Shorter ones it seems, though I know they are not, to be running faster...
  9. ARCHIVED-Eacho Guest

    I also completely aggre with you Cantankerous.
    The bigger races take less strides even though they are going the same speed, and it seems "Slow". Where as with the smaller races, you seem to be running "Fast".
    I forgot all about the Qeynos races as well being able to do that "Betrayal" quest to bring them over to the evil side.
    Is it possible for Illusionists to be Evil? Or are they strictly bound to the Good?
  10. ARCHIVED-jeremyhwilson Guest

    Illusionist is on the good side only, if you betray with an Illy you will then have to become a Coercer or vise versa.
  11. ARCHIVED-Cinnimon Guest

    I wanted to add the high elves also get hover type ability too and also get pick between some nice racial abitlies too that are not to bad either that can help a necro. I am assuming that you don't want to betray so that is ok too. I just wanted to post to say High Elves also get hover too called 'mind of over matter' and have fun playing your dark elf for it doesn't really matter what race as long as your happy.
  12. ARCHIVED-DwarvesRUs Guest

    My necro's a high elf and the racial bonuses do seem to help nicely.
  13. ARCHIVED-thajoka Guest

    here is exactly what you are getting/missing among different races. Though none of it is game-breaking. Top 3 for casters I think would be high elf, dark elf, erudite.

    High elf, erudite, dark elf (and maybe others) all get a bonus that gives 2% crit chance and like +5 disruption.

    High elf dps enhancing abilities: Small green aoe (mine tops out at like 747)

    Dark elf dps abilities: temp buff for 30 seconds that increases casting speed by 10% and crit chance by 5%

    Erudite dps abilities: Small aoe similar to high elves I think, only a bit higher in dmg. They also get a 5% passive cast speed bonus. Yes, while some have to loot rings from VP to get 5% cast speed, others are just born with it!
  14. ARCHIVED-PhoenixBrother Guest

    I'm one of those players that hate having the same "cut & paste" characters that others have. Case in point, a dark elf necro. As someone said before, 70-80% of all Necros are Dark Elves. To each his own; it's just not for me. I wanted something different, so I made a high elf necro. I had to suffer through 15-17 levels of conjie ickness (hiss), but I'm quite pleased with my choice. I don't see many other high elf necros, so I'm happy (at least not on my server).

    As others have said, it all boils down to what makes you happy. In the end, it's not going to matter what race you are.
  15. ARCHIVED-Sosumya Guest

    Sabutai wrote:
    I would concur!
  16. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    thajoka wrote:
    LOL get out of here with your high elf self Dakkota
  17. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Dark Elf > all. But oh so stereotypical for Necro.
  18. ARCHIVED-Cica Guest

    Looks > All hehehe
    I love my little arasai

    ahh sry img didnt work at first

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