Necromancer/Conjuror Pet illusions needed! Possibly even with SC

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Germs666, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Germs666 Guest

    I'd be willing to buy these if needed. I always liked the succubus mage pet illusion. It'd be awesome to have an item that lets us choose from every available pet illusion from tiers 1-9 for each archetype scout,fighter,mage and then adding some premium illusions from SC and rare pet illusions in LoN.
    I don't see this being a coding issue or messing up the LORE in anyway as long as conji's cant cast necro pet illusions or vice versa.
  2. ARCHIVED-EqStrand Guest

    I love my necromancer but I hate the idea of not using a zombie. I have wanted to have a pet appearance slot for a few years, PLEASE! It wouldn't hurt anything to have the option to have whatever pet you like.
  3. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Look on the marketplace for Everlasting Petamorph wands, $1 or $2 and have unlimited charges.
    There's also other locations in-game you can get Petamorph wands with 10 charges.
  4. ARCHIVED-EqStrand Guest

    Xalmat wrote:
    Thanks for the suggestion, if only they had a zombie petamorph. I looked around on ZAM and didn't see any.
  5. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Yeah, the closest thing to a zombie is the Stitched Drachnid.
    I'm a big fan of the Black Dragon though. It's so dark and gloomy. Just absolutely perfect for a necromancer.

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