Nagafen Seasonal - Season 2.0

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  1. Kander Developer

    Nagafen Seasonal server, Season 2.0 will launch Tuesday, July 30th. Nagafen will launch with Shattered Lands, Deserts of Flame and Kingdom of Sky simultaneously open.

    The new season will last from Tuesday July 30th to October 29th.

    • Blue Stats have been added to equipment.
    • Blue stats will grant a reduced benefit in pvp combat.
    • Most encounters will have some combat mitigation and deal more damage to account for a portion of the power gained from blue stats.
    • New Achievements, Appearance armor, and Titles for Unique kills.
    • Discovery XP has been greatly reduced.
    • Quest experience, including PvP quest experience has been reduced.
    • Experience potions have been removed from the marketplace for Nagafen.
    • Healing has been reduced overall by 30%.
    • Druid Regens have been reduced in pvp combat.
    • Crusader heals have been reduced in pvp combat.
    • Scout Damage has been increased.
    • Autoattack damage has been increased for all classes.
    • Control procs have had pvp templates applied.
    • Icy Dig has been lowered to Tier 1 heroic difficulty and treasure has been lowered in quality.
    • Hit Points and Damage have been reduced from DoF and KoS mobs.
    • You will be able to disable Pvp experience if so desired.
    • 6 weeks into the season, level 70 buff baubles will be offered. These will not include equipment.
    • Season 2 will continue with the 1 character per account policy.
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