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Discussion in 'Developer Roundtable' started by ARCHIVED-Rothgar, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Rothgar Guest

    Please let us know what your experiences are on Nagafen today after some of the hardware changes. We monitored a warfields event this morning and it appeared to be running very smoothly. I wasn't able to log in and check it out for myself, but it appeared that the zone should have been relatively lag-free for having 120+ people in the zone.
    Please post your experiences here.
  2. ARCHIVED-ThomasCH Guest

    Is this all that you updated at the moment?
    Our SF raids on Nagafen has never been more clear than today. No spell lag at all, no delay on CA's, just perfect. Dont know if you updated those zones as well.
  3. ARCHIVED-Wytie Guest

    Rothgar wrote:
    This is 10x better than any new content you could have ever givin us.
    Havent got to raid yet, dont know if you even upgraded our raid zones yet but If you did I would <3 you.
  4. ARCHIVED-ThomasCH Guest

    It really feels like they did. Raiding atm is awesome.
  5. ARCHIVED-Rothgar Guest

    Paill@Nagafen wrote:
    The simple answer is that you should see a lot less lag in all zones. But as with anything there's always room for issues to crop up which is why we need to monitor the new hardware and our load balancing system to make sure things are behaving correctly.
    From my angle, things look awesome. I'm going to pop into Nagafen shortly to see how things are going. If you're seeing good things, let us know.
    We're shooting for early next week for AB to get the same upgrade treatment.
  6. ARCHIVED-ThomasCH Guest

    The real test here for raiding is when we try for Klaaktuus challenge-mode as that has the worst lag I have ever experienced except for mass PvP zerg.
    Onyx or Europa should be able to tell soon enough!
  7. ARCHIVED-TalisX1 Guest

    Warfields with Large numbers of people in zone and in the immediate area and 0 spell lag. It was awesome.
  8. ARCHIVED-LardLord Guest

    Sounds like the experiment is already a huge success.
    AB next week, what's the timetable for the other servers? The last thing we need on AB is everyone and their brother transferring there and negating the effect of the upgrades.
  9. ARCHIVED-Roald Guest

    Lag is Warfields is drastically lower to non-existent, even with lots of people there.
    Good job guys
  10. ARCHIVED-Rothgar Guest

    Quabi@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    We can't post a timetable yet because there are many decisions to be made first. But trust me when I say we are working our tails off and trying to do everything as fast as we can.
  11. ARCHIVED-LardLord Guest

    Rothgar wrote:
    Cool, did you mean to confirm that the other servers are getting upgrades as well, or am I reading too much into it? Just knowing that other servers are getting upgrades would be great, even if we don't know the timetable.
    I've been saying for a long time now that fixing the lag is more important than any content or mechanics updates, and it looks like you guys are getting really close to solving that problem...which is awesome.
  12. ARCHIVED-bigdaddyt59 Guest

    So is the hardware affecting more then just CL/Antonica at this point?

    or are we still waiting for all zones to be switched over
  13. ARCHIVED-2BeTold Guest

    I've had frequent disconnects since the change over of the hardware. More so now than before the change over.. I am not in a warfield when this is happening. Does it prioritize zones?

  14. ARCHIVED-bigdaddyt59 Guest

    The lag is basically gone from contested content

    very good change, sad it didnt happen a year ago when there was competition for contested content and open world pvp but nevertheless, things are running smoother then smooth
  15. ARCHIVED-Grayspirit Guest

    Just did what was one of the previous laggiest encounters in sentinel's fate (Klaaktuus Unbound) in an open zone and had zero lag.
    What used to be a 15-25minute fight from lag alone just died in 5min20sec.
    Night and day difference. Requesting avatars to be put in game again since lag was the #1 blocker for us on pvp servers.

    Edit: Seplling.
  16. ARCHIVED-ThomasCH Guest

    That is pretty awesome to be honest. I dont care much for the PvP but the massive raid lag, both contested and instances has really bugged me since the beginning. Knowing that its pretty much gone is really gonna make it fun again.
  17. ARCHIVED-JenoJeno Guest

    I agree.. this should of happened a year ago. But now that it has finally happened I am more excited than ever!


    p.s. now if only the devs can review the conj requests :D joke!
  18. ARCHIVED-Wytie Guest

    Already feels like the best thing you have ever done for us imo.
  19. ARCHIVED-ThomasCH Guest

    Its like a new game! Okay, maybe that is a bit too much but omg, f* awesome.
  20. ARCHIVED-ZMANN1000 Guest

    I'm not sure what else to say, but the new servers are redic. This is by far one of the best things the devs have done, amazing job.

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