Mystic AA Setup for DPS

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Aeras, Feb 22, 2021.

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    I came back to the game a few months ago and have had issues creating a DPS spec that I'm happy with given the issues in-game with auto attack/weapon damage. I would like opinions on AA specs to maximize DPS and to know what your current DPS/resolve is to see if I'm at least on par.

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    Most of my dps comes from my etherealist ascension abilities, Empyral Incineration procs, procs from other class buffs and the Solusek's Eye spell Polar Fire. The rabies AA spell can do decent dps if you put 10 points into it.

    My dps in the new raid zones varies greatly depending on how much I have to heal/cure but goes as high as low 100s on a few fights. I think I could push 150b if I really concentrated on it, or once our raid force is better geared and our kill times drop. I don't see dps as my primary contribution, rather buffing and healing so I rarely focus fully on it. Our dpsers are so far ahead of what I can contribute I figure my time is best spent helping them maintain higher numbers. I cast ethereal gift when it's up which costs half my fervor while it's running but provides over 100 fervor to the group, many of whom are still somewhat undergeared and well below fervor cap.

    As far as AA spec for dps it makes little difference for mystic. Apart from maximizing your buffs, particularly Ancestral Bolster, your AA's will have little impact on your personal dps. Level Polar Fire to ancient, get your ascension spells as high as you can, get as much potency, crit bonus, ADC and fervor as you can. Spend AA points on anything that improves Bolster, Ancestral Avatar, Polar Fire and maybe grab Rabies AA spell. The new Ready Up AA provides a reset which will help your dps somewhat, mostly by allowing you to run Ancestral Bolster more often. If you're etherealist it's not a bad idea to put a point into each of the attacks on the shaman page to help you get more Feedback Loop procs, although this has become much less effective with the removal of most recovery.

    I'm at 5165 resolve, I don't remember my exact stats but they're something around 300k pot, 440 fervor, 210 ADC and 12K crit bonus. My mystic's name is Lohkii if you want to look at my spec. I'm in a semi casual raid that only raids 2 days a week so im still gearing up.
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