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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-LaetitiaSadier, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-LaetitiaSadier Guest

    Are you un-impressed with this class? it seems to be, all the other classes get the "flashy" moves after lvl 50 but what do we get? "undead horde", same as blighted horde that dies on 1 AoE, "Vampiric Orb" - a little floating ball that no one even notices...
    I mean we are suppose to be the Lich king, you know, that skeletal zombie that shoot ice bolts like they have in World of Warcraft. But in this game, we don't look like the type of alpha-maverick class that gives anyone the impression of a bloody image.
    Also, I was PvPing earlier today and I was repeated camped by this dirge. I'm not sure what gear he has, but mine are mostly legendary/MC with Adept spells. How do necromancers stand a chance against dirge? I tried to fear/lifeburn, but that doesn't seem to be enough. LB has a 5 minute cooldown, and fear have a 45 sec cooldown. His stuns can easily interrupt me when I cast chains of torment (not like CoT does anything to him, I get 'RESIST' after 'RESIST' whenever i cast). Any suggestions will be welcomed.
  2. ARCHIVED-Rhadamanthys Guest

    Despite a few things like dumbfire pets and AD and UT not stacking well, I love necros. We can do just about anything: dps, tank, heal, power regen, rez, crowd control, FD, etc. We may not be the best in any one of those, but it's nice to be able to do anything really.
    As for your PVP problem, you need better gear and better than adept spells. Necros can usually deal at the top damage in PVP, though we don't do burst damage so we don't get the kills as often as others. LB isn't that great in PVP, but fear can be useful on healers.
  3. ARCHIVED-Nikelo Guest

    Lifeburn in 1v1 PvP is amazing.
    Let me start though by saying bards and predators are probably your toughest matchup. Dirges can dump massive auto attacks on you and can deal very impressive damage from any range and Troubs can lock you down from further away than you can cast on them from. Rangers are a little less of a problem, as you can fear them and use that time to stand right on top of them, rendering their ranged attacks unusable. As a general rule against any melee DPS you should start the fight with Fear then Lifeburn. Make sure you dont send your pet in to attack until you get lifeburn off or you might break your fear and not be able to cast lifeburn because of interrupts. Use your Minion Translocation wisely against melee, use your stun, and play to your surroundings. Hide behind things to give yourself time to heal up while your pet and dots deal damage to your opponent that is trying to get LoS on you.
    Also if you're in legendary and MC gear you will be at a serious disadvantage in are squishy enough as it is with toughness and crit mit...without it you're going to be target practice.
  4. ARCHIVED-Nikelo Guest

    Also, I forgot to mention that undead horde is very nice in PvP against scouts because they cant do much to get rid of them and unless they have "target last PvP" connected to a key they will have to cycle through your primary pet and your undead horde to get target back on you, making bewilderment that much more powerful.

    Look for Koppar PvP vids for good strategy on playing Necromancer in PvP. Look for Dorsans PvP vid to see how important it is to have PvP gear and proper use of Minion Translocation.

    Those vids should inspire you to stick with your necromancer. Koppar has some great fights.
  5. ARCHIVED-LaetitiaSadier Guest

    thanks, then what type of gear should I get? MC/Legendary are the only ones available on auction.

    Do you mean I should get those handcrafted adornments that get you 2% crit?
  6. ARCHIVED-Nikelo Guest

    When you say you pvp'd earlier I'm assuming you did this PvP open world on a PvP server, is this correct? Or did you join a BG from a PvE server?
    There is a big difference in the two. Im saying you need to get PvP gear is really about all im saying. Toughness and PvP crit mit are unbelievable in keeping yourself alive and irreplacable by any other loot in the game.
    Correct me if im wrong, but on PvE servers there is no lowbie PvP gear, only the BG gear for t9? If thats the case then you will be at a distinct disadvantage against lowbie twinked toons from nagafen in full BG gear.
  7. ARCHIVED-LaetitiaSadier Guest

    i'm from the pve server, so i don't have the pvp gear.

    how do you get pvp gear?
  8. ARCHIVED-Nikelo Guest

    If you can get lowbie BG gear its in nfp by the guild hall. Merchants right in front of the guild hall sell it for BG tokens. TBH if your going to roll a lowbie toon just to lock and pvp with then you should reroll on nagafen to enjoy open world pvp. much more fun.
  9. ARCHIVED-LaetitiaSadier Guest

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