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  1. ARCHIVED-Vaylan77 Guest

    can anyone tell me what slash commands (for a macro) I can use with mounts? I would like to equip a mount in the mount slot and one in the appearance slot. With the standard "equip item" macro I add them in charm slot, what I don't want to do.
    Any ideas?
  2. ARCHIVED-Semideus2006 Guest

    Silbermond@Nagafen wrote:
    I'm confused to as why you're trying to use a slash command, rather than clicking the mount tab in your persona/character window. I looked at the list on EQ2Wikia here and don't see anything but perhaps it will point you in the right direction. I have a few charm macros that equip and use an item and another macro that resets my charms. This comes in handy being a Conjuror after casting raidwide shards. I'll use the Claymore book and then equip my normal equipped charms.
  3. ARCHIVED-Betchemin Guest

    I assume he wants to do what I want to do, namely have a button that changes mount and/or mount apperance.
    I currently have all my mounts outs side to the mount window so I can hot key them. (They can be used from the bags so a use rather than equip might go some way to solving the problem). However apperance is not solved. You cannot choose as I wish to, to have my unicorn look like a unicorn, my ice mount look like an ice mount and my grphon look like a tinkered flying platform.

    However I have a similar problem with equipment slots in macros. I can equp stuff and place stuff in my apperance slots, I cannot unequip stuff, so if I want to override my fighting cloak with a pretty one but I want to see my alchemist cloak when in tradeskill gear I am out of luck.
  4. ARCHIVED-Lathain_Sarathai Guest

    Currently using 3 or 4 dif mount lost in a list of more than 50 mount is a nightmare. I skip the flying mount a lot due to that...
  5. ARCHIVED-JoarAddam Guest

    Yeah, drag the mount to your bags and you can do whatever you like. And if you want slash commands, get into that wiki, find out the identifiers for your bag slots and the inventory slots and then you can bang it all out
  6. ARCHIVED-Betchemin Guest

    Why not remove the other mounts and place them in tour house given you are not using them. That way your list only provides those you want. (Or just remove the 3 you wish to use and place them in your bags)
  7. ARCHIVED-Seidhkona Guest

    I haven't seen anything useful about the appearance slot, but over at I found this helpful post:
    And here's another about hiding or showing mounts from
  8. ARCHIVED-Vaylan77 Guest

    What i want to do is switching easily between flying mount and ground mount with illusion. Currently it's very annoying.

    Thanks for the tips, the appearance thing is not solved though.

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