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    Looking forward to the Expansion, but it is very hard to decide whether to preorder or not and I would really like more info on what you get for your money than seems to be available.
    Without more info on what the Cloak of Mourning does/looks like I can't work out if it is worth preordering or just waiting till release. I probably will preorder anyway, but some info would be nice. Obviously if I decide on the Collectors Edition then the price alone makes it worth a preorder but do I want/need it?
    What class is Krivix Honorclaw the Werewolf merc? If not a healer then it isn't going to much use to my toons.
    What does the Firiona Vie Memorial Tapestry look like? Helps to see a screenie to decide if I want it.

    Anyone know anything for sure? Or maybe, SOE, you could provide more info so we all can decide properly what we are spending our money on please.
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    Were these questions answered elsewhere? Searching for cloak of mourning landed me here as the best post.
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    here it says the you will be able to pick from a paly or healer werewolf merc .
    it dont show what the tapestry, or the cloak of mourning looks like .
    it also dont tell what quality merc will it be, is it going to be one of the same healer mercs we got just skinned different? will it require upkeep? is it going to be 1 per toon or 1 per account? there are still alot of questions that need to be answered before i drop the money on CE.
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    Those two items still do not make for a CE edition. They should be ashamed. Providing consumables that are similar to SC items is abysmal. The tapestry should give you a port to the entrance zone for the super lazy. The possible token for the merc should be an item that summons one or the other type as needed.

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