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Discussion in 'Bruiser' started by ARCHIVED-Bevo, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Bevo Guest

    Who has the edge and why in the following categories?
    1. Soloing
    2. Single Target DPS
    3. Multi Target DPS
    4. Raiding
    5. Tanking in TSO and RoK
  2. ARCHIVED-Aull Guest

    Bevo wrote:
    Soloing. I would say is a very close comparison. I would give a monk the edge while in the mid 50's to lvl 64 do to the tsunmai advantage. At lvl 65 a bruiser will get knockout combo that is very good burst damage. Very hard to say on that. Bruisers in the 50's get close mind that make them immune to stiles, stuns, snares, roots..ect that is really nice to have as well. Bruiser heal is faster refresh. At lower lvls I would think they both would be almost equal.
    Single target dps. If the fight is under 25 seconds I give bruiser the edge. If fight is 30-60 secs I would give monk the edge. Now if a bruiser can get the haste equivalent as a monk then brusier will be slightly higher. If bruiser has all combat arts up and knockout combo ready then better dps by a noticable margin. If bruiser is specced full aa strength line with all combat arts up, knockout combo ready, and chi then dps margin should be very noticable. This is based on burst fights and not consistant pull after pull fights like clearing trash on raids. If pulling is consistant then I give the edge to the monk if the bruiser isn't hasted. Most everyone that I know states the bruisers have a higher ceiling to grow for better dps since bruisers cannot self haste themselves and most monks are close to haste cap at 140+ points of haste. Haste cap is 200 so any +140 hasted monk can only get 60 more points of haste.
    Multi target dps. If both brawlers are specced in wisdom line I would give the edge to monk just do to the higher haste capabilities they possess. If both bralwers are not wis specced then a very very slight advantage to bruiser. Not much on that. Both honestly suffer in ae damage.
    Raids. Well all I can comment on this is that before the expansion monks were more desirable than bruisers. Monk raid wide and the tsunami/peel combo were nice abilities to have for back up. Now that tso is out some monks are believing bruisers will be better.
    Tanking will have a slight edge to monks only if the bruiser doesn't have their mythical. Rok was a brawlers dream expansion for single target tanking. I think both brawlers did exceptionally well tanking wise.
    I personally think in this expansion all fighters were meant to be brought closer to their true purpose. I think that bruiser with the correct aa's will now be solid tanks. As for tanking in tso I can't comment since I haven't been playing as hard as I once did.
    I am sure there is more to come on this.
  3. ARCHIVED-Madmoon Guest

    Aull's pretty much right on, but I would say that soloing, the edge is with the Bruiser. Our ability to put so much upfront damage means that most encounters are over or near over after we get through all our combat arts. I don't know how monks fare against blue heroics, for example, but with preparation I can usually take on those encounters, which is something only my wizard can do. And in groups, that becomes even more apparant. Even against yellow heroic encounters, it is hard for a group with a bruiser to fail. We do a terrific amount of damage at the start, letting the mages come in even earlier, and allowing us to maintain agro fairly easily, even with a wizard or swashbuckler in tow.
    I don't raid, but in every non-raid encounter (including Unrest at 70, for example, ) I have been able to be the lead fighter and do well. When in a group with monks, I usually take the lead as fighter and let them concentrate on damage. So... <shrug> that's my experience. Others may know more.
    Bruiser, AB
  4. ARCHIVED-Pnaxx Guest

    I havn't had that much success, if any, since Aa's came out, with defeating blue heroics. So, with that in mind, what do you all do who can solo them successfully. Please give an idea of gear too. I would be interested to see if legendary equipt Bruisers can do this.
  5. ARCHIVED-Madmoon Guest

    Pnaxx wrote:
    I don't want to hijack this poor kid's thread.... but all I have is legendary, even some mastercrafted. I can take the triple-ups in the Vorenous hive. I can't have any adds, and often I have to Feign, but if I get my sequence off right, yes. I can only do it in offensive stance, or mixed, maybe. Defensive always fails <shrug>
  6. ARCHIVED-Mogzilla Guest

    Bevo wrote:
  7. ARCHIVED-circusgirl Guest

    The sole area here where monks I think have a big advantage is soloing--I'm speaking from a monk's perspective here, but the int line meshes very well with tsunami, as a monk can spend 12 seconds doing 100% critical hits simply by pushing tsunami as soon as we hit 30% hp. I used to be able to take some 80^^^ heroics if I was properly specced for it, though now with the nerf to dev fist I doubt I'de be able to do so again.
  8. ARCHIVED-Aull Guest

    Vinka@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    I totally agree with your post. Intel line does well if a monk can time tsunami right. All my monk friends surely enjoy it.
  9. ARCHIVED-Khonann Guest

    I have never played a monk so dont know the comparison here, but i know that on multiple AOE targets, even without WIS line, bruiser does very very well, at higher levels at least... with all the AE CA's that you can potentially have as a bruiser, + Mantis leap for the crit multi attack AOE, (crit on all attacks to each and every target for that one AOE attack is very nice), not to mention swapping targets out for burst damage on each one after the AOE's have been used, that of course coupled with WIS line gives pretty insane DPS vs AE.....
    If it didnt cost so dang much to get adept 3's made for each class, i would certainly love to try out a monk and see how it does..
    I chose bruiser primarily for close mind and knockout combo... especially in T8 fights, 30 seconds of immunity to everything sure does come in handy... if your stunned or stifled the whole fight, sure doesnt make any difference how much harder you could have hit, cuz you cant and you wont...
    I have very good luck against scouts, and with bruiser, it seems they are much better equiped to deal with mages of all sorts then monks are.... PVP of course.... I say this from experience in fighting very good monks on my Illusionist and can beat them.... depending on how good they are.... It pretty much doesnt make a difference with bruisers how good they are, if they know how to click close mind and knockout combo, im toast....
  10. ARCHIVED-Gojirax Guest

    Aull wrote:
    If our 4 or 5 stun CA's are timed right Bruisers can achieve the same thing, it just takes a little more practice and timing.
  11. ARCHIVED-Lethe5683 Guest

    Bevo wrote:

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