Mistmoore Battle Drums

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-eqaddictedfool, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-eqaddictedfool Guest

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. K good thats out. So I have run this zone a good 100 or so times before the increased drop rate update. I saw the udate and was very hopeful i might soon get my drums. Nope! I've since run the zone about 20 times and still nothing :( does anyone have any words of encouragement. Its gotten to the point where i cant even form a mistmyr manor group without someone saying" still lookin for those drums tis?" The worst part is i still have a troub that needs these. uhg. so how many times did this take you all?
  2. ARCHIVED-firza Guest

    Tisera@Unrest wrote:
    only been in there once, and gave up based on all the sad stories
  3. ARCHIVED-bardarnit Guest

    yea, i don't really try anymore. and honestly.. they aren't that good for their rarity.. i don't know why everyone goes gaga over them. i would use them for power drain fights mostly when i'm actually running my power song.

    a proc that has been nerfed and +20 power per tick to your power song.. bleh. anyone have a parse of what the proc does? can't imagine it more then 1% zonewide.

    i'd wear the rare poa trash one, crucible,na, or the korsha one .. imo.
  4. ARCHIVED-Mordicus Guest

    Cant say I kept track of how many times I ran it but it was probably somwhere close to 30 when I gave up, there are arguably better charms out there though, Dangling Skull Bonechip and Essence of Mastery both from TSO heroics are what I ended up using until they were replaced with Avatar charms, there are also some ToMC trash drops that are decent. I initally thought the drums were awesome due to the Ballad boost but its actually a buff I rarely use.
  5. ARCHIVED-Ellygee Guest

    Just started running this zone with my regular group last week and got it on the the third try. Went to the Troubie. But also have a Dirge in group. I wonder how long before we see it again?
  6. ARCHIVED-Elifin Guest

    I finally gave up on getting them and ... BHAM! got them.
    That was luckily the week before they changed them to drop with a selection of other goodies that every one in group is going to roll need on.
    It seems to of upped the drop rate, but now you have to compete with the rest of the group to get them...
    Good luck

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