Misplaced Gambling Chips

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    After completing a quest I was offered this as one of the choices for rewards and chose it. (http://u.eq2wire.com/item/index/450001226) It is a status item, like Blackened Relic or Parffin Document, but I can't find an NPC that will buy it for status points. I have checked with Qeynos factions and Kelethin factions. Being good aligned I'd rather not run around FP looking to see if any of teh status merchants/NPCs there will purchase it. RAther than contiue running all over Norrath looking, does anyone know who I can sell this status item to? (Its coin value is something like 1+ silver). :confused:
    The item has been around since 2011 and is an option from a level 20 quest.

    Cheers! :)
  2. Spindle Well-Known Member

    If the item is a reward from a quest then it is not a status item like a Blackened Relic, etc. It sounds more like a house item. The reward *may* award status reduction on status home rental.

    Not much info on Zam and zilch on EQ2Wikia so you may want to post the name of the quest that gave you that reward option and/or check the quest name on either of the sites.

    Not much help I know )
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    It's a status item. I think you get it from the Level 20 public quest.
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    The misplaced Gambling Chips can be handed into the the Ironforge Exchange (or any similar status merchant that is not class related) status merchant in Qeynos Harbor for 1,000 Status points.
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    Misplaced Gambling Chips can be sold to Phyrra S'Vivirr <City Merchant>, in The Blind Fish (Guild Services) building located in the Dockside Markets of Neriak, for 1000SP.
  6. Raeven Active Member

    I just got this item in a Public Quest on Tarinax, and no merchant will take it, not even the ones mentioned above.

    The item is marked No Value, so how can it be sold?

    Is this a bug, or sadistic devs putting in a worthless item for a quest reward?
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    Oh boy I gotta say, good job for looking for existing topic, but epic *SEVEN YEAR* necro. Does DBG web dev not know how to lock old posts with XenForo?