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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Viromage, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Viromage Guest

    Someone told me there was a Mana rob out there that dropped off some lizard men or something... Is this true and if so do you have the name so I can look up stats?

    Also what type of leet equipment are you guys using 37+ so I have something to aim for.

    Thanks in advance
  2. ARCHIVED-Eesti Guest

    I think whatyou are looking for is the Robe of the Invoker, very rare. Starts as a quest from either a stone or a drop from one of the creatures in Feerrott. When its available on the broker it usually goes for around 5-10P on splitpaw.
  3. ARCHIVED-Viromage Guest

    Ok this is what I found but I sure don't see any reason for that kind of price tag... Has it been updated or something that isn't showing or maybe super cool looking graphics?

    I am looking for a good robe, something other than player made (not against player made) just something different that will last me into the 40's.
  4. ARCHIVED-xxArcanexx Guest

    I have the Robe of the Invoker. What makes it so desirable is the fact its the only robe with power regen. It regens 20 power per tick in or out of combat...the in-combat regen is what really makes the robe desirable.

    Besides the mana regen it also has decent stats

    5int (Casted by the robes effect)
    131 mitigation at level 46....137 max at 48
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  5. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    That's the one... the reason it costs so much is the adornment "Essence Replenishment" is an in combat 20 power per tic regen. It's a horror to camp the drop for the quest starter in Feerot but a very good robe.

    My opinion is it isn't the be-all robe for necro's since we have a ton of power regen anyways... every other non-MT class likes to use these as well for that regen, hence the high price.

    Tundra Walkers robe is pretty good in the 40's and has great power and decent int.
  6. ARCHIVED-Viromage Guest

    So looking at all the flame threads, it looks like it was nerfed or made no drop or something?
    People sure like to complain about that robe..

    Being a 45 Jeweler and having a 49 tailor friend I have started collecting rares for my "rare" equipment that is all player made. Thats ok but am I better off doing this?
  7. ARCHIVED-Handlebars Guest

    I think you're better off getting the rare made and not worrying about the robe. The main proponents of not making the robe an easier quest to start are the people who got to the appropriate level quick enough when the rock was still on a 10-minute spawn.

    One thing to keep in mind, having the super pet-tap ability at end-game, you really won't be needing this robe. You should be looking for the Ancient Rallosian Gown, a Robe that cons yellow at level 50 and has both +16 INT and WIS. A great robe. It drops frequently off King Drayek and other Mobs. Its not Fabled so it will also drop off many regular named mobs too.
  8. ARCHIVED-Necronstreksis Guest

    heh, I have Ad3 Devour Health and ES training option.
    Plus invoker robe and gebs.
    Every bit helps... but sometimes I forget that I was out of vendor food.
    The robe is very nice to have it you can get it, but Handles got a point that it's hardly a necessity for our class.
    Concentrate on upgrading your spells before you consider buying one (short of it being up for 2pp or less).
  9. ARCHIVED-Seeko Guest

    I agree. Also, Ring of the Nightblood


    is a grey-con ring that is dropped by N'Kzak the Unnatural in EL but it has decent stats and an additional +12 power/tick in combat. That along with GEB for additional power regen actually got me to put away my Invoker robe and go with the health regen found on this player-crafted T5 rare robe:

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  10. ARCHIVED-Merciful_Shadow Guest

    The robe also grants the wearer a cool purple aura (like having a purple lightsource) :smileywink:
  11. ARCHIVED-xxArcanexx Guest

    My robe gives no purple aura light source....not sure what yer smoking.
  12. ARCHIVED-Necronstreksis Guest

    It's either the robe or a manastone giving the purple aura. You can only see it if you have all your settings turned up. Not sure exactly which is giving it off... tho I've always assumed it's the robe. There is a purple aura.
    If you run at Extreme or Very High Performance you probably won't see it.
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  13. ARCHIVED-Merciful_Shadow Guest

    it's the robe, at 1st I assumed it was the manastone.
    A friend of mine got the manastone but has a different robe, he's not glowing purple like I am... he's jelious x2
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  14. ARCHIVED-Daryth_Shadowspawn Guest

    I have the robe (purple aura) and the ring from Bloodlines (red aura) the overall effect is to make a very intense redish-purple aura. It looks perfect for an evil necro. Combine that with Lich and you are really talkin evil.
  15. ARCHIVED-Uanelven Guest

    What is this ring called?

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