makeshift arrows not persisting through death

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-mrswebster9847, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-mrswebster9847 Guest

    My makeshift arrows does not persist through death. Is this a bug or just how the spell works?
  2. ARCHIVED-Ademelo Guest

    It sucks, but it is in fact 'working as intended' :(
  3. ARCHIVED-nimbus2kgold Guest

    Yes, thats how it works, and it really sucks when you end up dead less than 5'ish minutes after you cast it. Thats alot of wasted time without that much needed dps.
  4. ARCHIVED-Writer Cal Guest

    Gosh, wouldn't it be nice if this was a persistant toggled ability without charges? No, we can't have that. Having to cast a long recast proc buff takes so much "skill."