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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Rehab, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. Rehab New Member

    I’ve been away for about five years... prior to my departure I rolled a brawler and a fighter for about eight years. During that time I had him specked out for tanking. At that time mitigation, Crit n Crit bonus, multi attack n AE auto attack were all pretty important when it came to tanking. I had to re-forge my gear to really crank up those specs to MT raids and heroic instances.

    Fast forward to now… I now have a 110 level Monk and would like to reforge his equipment (geared towards MT’ing) but I’m not sure what to spec him out specifically towards. This is especially true because now there’s fervor, potency and resolve which is new to me and. Not sure if and how I should take them into account. Also what kind of adornments should I be looking for?

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  2. Obano Well-Known Member

    You can't reforge Fervor or Resolve but you will need to get as much of that as possible.

    This is a quick reforging guide + mitigation curve to shoot for. This may all be obsolete next week though.


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  3. Bludd Well-Known Member

    the meta is that mobs have buff packages with mitigation and resolve (in group content) so mouse over those to see what's what. this is the reason one should aim well above the cap for spell doublecast so even with the mitigation, you still get spell doublecast at 100% or thereabouts so that your ascension spells bang zip wallop x2

    ability doublecast is also something very useful
    if you are below resolve requirement, you will take more damage and deal less damage but if you are above, you deal and take normal damage
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  4. Gnomfu Member

    I'd like to jump on this wagon and say thanks as well. I checked out Obano on eq2wire to see how i stacked up (Monk) to your bruiser and i have to admit i've a ton of work ahead of me. Glaring difference is HP. I thought people were joking when they were talking hundreds of million in HP (i have 28million) and then i see your 374 million and I fell on the floor laughing at me.
  5. Bludd Well-Known Member

    just to update: new meta is spell doublecast is nixed
  6. Treiko Active Member

    To be fair, unless something changed recently (as in within the last week) you don't have to work nearly as hard as you think. I've compared my bruiser to every tank in my guild, and while my stats blow them all out of the water with the exception of my HP (I have higher mit, avoidance, block chance, all my actual def skills are lightyears ahead of them) I still take way more damage than any of them, which includes a monk that tanks for our groups - and he's a badass. To put this into perspective, I asked in guild what alt I should make cuz I was bored. Someone said bruiser... challenge accepted. Still working on it... based on what I've seen in solos I am afraid to try heroics lol.

    So, to summarize: enjoy the favored brawler - if you can get up to Obano's stats you will be golden for sure :)
  7. Gnomfu Member

    I doubt i'd even try to get close to Obano's stats or any brusier tank stat. I'm having fun pretending i'm DPS while running solo and I was just shocked at how much difference there was in HP. Somewhere down the road i might look to heroic building, but with solo's being so easy and so many mechanics to learn i'm taking it slow. According to EQ2wire i have so many over cap stats that i'm working on figuring out how to reallocate them. My AA's are all over the place and i've found i can stop using 1/2 of my CA's and still clear a solo fairly quickly. All my ascensions are still apprentice and even the new CA from BOL is just starting out. I did manage to get alch studies 12 last night and made one of the CA, but the increase from journ to adept was minimal compared to appren to journey increase.
  8. Ramsteinn New Member

    Can you post a link to your brawler?
  9. Treiko Active Member

  10. Obano Well-Known Member

  11. herem Member

    What percentage of you parse is your melee dps?
  12. Obano Well-Known Member

    That depends on how you define "melee dps."

    If you mean just auto attack (crush) is 9% so getting those auto attack stats is very important right now. This is a zonewide from Bizarre Bazaar.

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  13. Ryonyx Member

    Since when are monks Raid MT's?... I thought it was pretty much Guard/Zerk and maybe Pally's can get away with it possibly... haven't played in years though... are all fighters capable of MTing raids?... What about SKs? Thanks!
  14. Obano Well-Known Member

    I used to be a raid main tank Bruiser back in Sentinel's Fate and Velious. I am not sure if it is possible in the current meta. The raid alliance I am in now currently uses an SK for an MT he does fine.
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  15. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Monks have been very strong raid MTs since AoM at least. They have very strong defensive tools and are leaps and bounds ahead of dps than guardians so they offer a much complete package. I do not think SKs are the go to raid tank since perhaps TSO where they led the pack. That said, some raid forces still employ them as MT/OTs. Pallys have been very strong for a long time and made great OTs in raids but like others, their effectiveness depends on the player playing it + stats etc.
  16. Ryonyx Member

    Yeah I know SKs dont MT. So it seems to remain a constant that Guards/Zerks are best MTs due to all of their Temp buffs/Life saves, etc... that Crusaders just don't have..
  17. Drona Well-Known Member

    Paladins are great MT's, up there with Guards. Paladins and Guards were the only tanks who were able handle Bulwark on their own last expansion.

    I tanked whole of the last expansion as SK so it can be done but slightly harder than say Guard/Pala/Monk etc.
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  18. Monkpunk New Member

    This is why this guy used to me my arch-rival on Vox server... I guess I can thank you for the research. What server you play on these days? I am on Skyfire.
  19. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    I wanted to add that I raided with a bruiser MT in Ethermere and AoM. During Skyshrine a raid geared Monk could solo the heroic "overland" areas and often did. It was a joke... oh, let's not go to City of Dracur just now... wait until the Monk is done. LOL I think some of the Ethermere era goodness was due to Dodge.

    Probably worth mentioning that the early posts in this thread are from before BoL, so the Doublecast conversions are no longer right. Otherwise very helpful.
  20. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    Should probably clarify that SK has life saves, but doesn't use them, because overall it's better to be in offensive stance. Which is why it's hard, but not impossible to MT with it.

    If you have a Swashy with the hate reset Prestige AA, a Coercer with hate buffs on you and at least one mage that's giving you damage procs, and everyone's good about hate loss adorns and transfers, then SK tank, defensive, is good,otherwise, one mythical mage spell hit and that mage is at risk of dying, starting a cascade effect.

    Once I switched to offensive, I was entirely relying on healers. I wasn't actually dying, but people were disturbed by the bouncing health. Since I had been playing my SK the entire time, I was used to the fluctuation, but people see the tank's health at 50% and they're like, OMG we gonna die!! In my limited experience in KA content, anyway.

    If you can handle the occasional adrenaline rush of OMG! then SK is extremely fun to play in groups. I grinned every time my health was low for a sec or two and then went back to full. Like riding a roller coaster.

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