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    [ M O M E N T ] - My Oath Means Eternally Navigating Time
    Raids begin in January 2020!
    The reason raids are not set to start for so long is we wanted to provide time to enjoy all the starting content such as Heritage Quests, timelines, and plenty more!

    Basic Requirements:
    Level 50 adventure level or under to join.

    Raid Gear Restriction Progression:
    Week 1 - Starting sets of handcrafted armor only will be worn.
    Week 2 - Previous weeks armor, earned HQ rewards, and prior tier gear.
    Week 3 - Previous weeks armor and member crafted gear from recipes learned using the apprentice may be used.

    Our raiding approach is to encourage use of member provided equipment to reward the effort put in to obtaining them to benefit the guild.

    Members Benefits:
    Access to our raid setup instructions for quick and easy transitions on raid nights to stay in compliance with our current tier rules.
    Weekend events are also starting where groups are completing HQs or quests related to the tier.

    These are only a few things available with more to come as we continue to grow.

    Our guild hall is open to visit and located in Freeport. While in the hall you can read our rules and those who have given their oath in the books by the front door. You may also find all the information at our Discord server listed below.


    Explore and enjoy!

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