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  1. Seth Active Member

    We as a loyal community do not expect to be treated in the current ways projected, disregarding and blatantly ignoring the player/s does not give you a game.

    It does not give you a caring community it does not give you A solid foundation and it does Not allow you to make content, all it ends up doing is being the battery for your drill and your not drilling a ceiling...
    Your drilling a hole.

    If there is one thing that this community seems to agree on, is your lack of experience.

    You said several times that you play EQ2 and im calling you out on that, prove it. Because Anyone who loves this game enough understands what a make or break scenario looks like.

    And quite frankly we are not impressed.

    We go to discord to voice our opinions and guess what.. no developer presence.
    Best part is, there is a dev having a chat in the general section.

    Avoidance and sheer lack of courage to even Admit that you messed up astounds me.

    Kander made a statement about how tank gear was going to look, and the end product... Removing viable stats. Ever heard the term " you need the gear to get the gear " "Or to do the zone you need to have already done it"

    Now sure, there are Some pieces of loot with those vanished stats However most relate to quest gear which majority have done and sold / transmuted.

    Sure there is some in raids.. but those raids mobs have to die to get loot right.. at least that is what i thought.

    Sure some guilds can clear it all, gg to them and im saying that honestly, but all the others You left in the dirt?...

    I dont think i have seen a community this upset Ever. Period.

    Was a breath of fresh air when a member that does Not play on TLE commented and said what i was wanting to say and that was " that we have been cheated "

    Another question, why is it that all live servers get the events / quests / instances and all we get is a shoddy merchant that sells illusion forms? Because we're TLE? does that mean we don't deserve the same quality treatment?

    We pay for our subs, we play for our subs, and we are not heard.. are we really just piles cash instead of a group of voices that should be heard and not blocked.

    I understand your a small company taking on a big game... Well... Was a big game.

    And quite frankly not listening to the community is probably the worst thing you could possibly do.

    We have thousands of players on the TLE ranging from every timezone and every part of the world and you dont see the Value, the importance,the Worth in all that?

    My only question.

    Where does your Loyalty lie

    To the game and the community
    Your Pockets.

    And it's not to say you cant have both but your chasing the wrong ideal and it's going and has gotten you nowhere.

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  2. Fikkif New Member

    I wouldn't play this game if I worked on it. If it were my job, after 5pm I'd not look at it for a second.
  3. Tanto Well-Known Member

    It was interesting listening to the interview with Lindro, how much time so many of the staff spent actually playing EQ1 in their own time. They were developing content AND playing, hardcore in some cases, until life caught up with them.

    If you loved this game, you'd play it. But yeah, a lot of mistakes have been made and I can see how the guys who made those mistakes would feel deflated playing the game they know they are responsible for ruining.
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  4. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    They appear to have no interest in this server beyond keeping it turned on. It is an annoying task they hate messing with, that causes them to work late and and weekends. Creating new content for expansions is much more enjoyable, than fixing old broken junk.

    These changes mostly impact the tank TLE community... of which there are maybe 30 or 40 of us. Our voice is not loud enough to matter.
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  5. Mingle Member

    Well, Mingle here. Let's get our voices heard together ! :D
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  6. Milksteak New Member

    I don't see the logic in claiming they don't care about this server or TLEs in general and only care about money and then going on for several paragraphs about a TLE specific change made by the dev team that has most definitely cost them some subscriptions. If they didn't care at all they certainly wouldn't have pushed through an extremely controversial change for what they believed to be the betterment of the TLE experience and if they only cared about money they would have never stuck with it when there was a huge uproar and people started to bail.

    At this point I've accepted the fact that we're pretty much unwilling beta testers for this itemization strategy change. I'm sure Kaladim is nearing the point of mass decline in population that every TLE server gets as it moves through the timeline of expansions. I think KoS/EoF/RoK is probably the peak if I'd have to guess. If they want to get a good amount of data points they probably figured they have to do it now. It seems like they are willing to stick to their guns and pretty much let this server take the hit so they see if these changes work. I think any dev team running a long term MMORPG realizes that unpopular changes/nerfs are going to piss people off but sometimes you just have to do it for the long term health of the game.

    I think where they have failed is poor communication and lack of testing. If you sift through all the "I'm quitting" garbage there are lots of specific and legitimate points that seem to go ignored or at least not responded to. Some stuff is said in discord and never makes it way to the forums in an official post. Much of this could have been avoided by better communicating this change, implementing it in a test environment and then making adjustments based on player feedback before it hit Kaladim. I also don't think they addressed the major issue with itemization - that there just isn't enough of a jump between heroic dungeons to raid tier and between each raid tier. There is a big jump from your level 72 quest junk to what drops in dungeons now but after that its the same .1 or .2 blue stat changes and some armor. In a game that basically 100% of your character progression is based around gear upgrades that is an issue.
  7. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Pushing out broken untested updates, and then doing nothing about it, is not a sign of caring or taking pride in your job. It's a sign of a quick and careless hack job.

    Disabling the veteran reward XP pots that you earned by being a loyal customer, so they can re-sell them back to you, is one of many indications they are just running this server for the money... if you think this is some passion project that is naive.
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