Looking for People to Start a New Guild (Kaladim prefered)

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Abershawe, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Abershawe New Member

    I've recently returned to EQ2 after a long hiatus and I would love to start a new guild with new players. I know there are plenty of larger more established guilds out there looking to help all the new and returning players out but there is something to be said for creating something from scratch and being a part of the growth.
  2. Trynbuy New Member

    I am very interested I am on Skyfire now but can start a new toon on any server you want. let me know
  3. Galceran New Member

    Hey, you can count with me too, i'm on Maj'Dul (just because the spanish community is here) but i want to try the progresive.
  4. anthony1832 New Member

    I'm in, just started in Kaladim, need some people to play with
  5. Galceran New Member

    If we want start a guild first of all we should start by saying character names... ;) I only have added Abershawe to my friends list.

    Dominance here btw!
  6. anthony1832 New Member

    Diminisher here. Have 26 Necro now, but will start new character once guild established.

    Open to any role Tank/DPS/Heals/Support
  7. Rarelen New Member

    Just made return back to EQ. Was primarily an EQ/p99 player, but have some experience in EQ2. Figured I'd roll Kaladim and give it a go.

    Name is Rarelen in game.

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