Looking for long lost friends!

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  1. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! Its been almost a year now since I came back from a very long break. I am trying to track down or simply just know of ppl I used play with still does. Becuz of the time gone and all different server merges I can't really remember what server I was on when I quit but im pretty certain it was Everfrost. I started at launch on Oggok but that got merged while I was still playing and im certain there has been more merges.

    I used raid in a guild called Fabulae Marrii. Guilds before that was Eschaton and The Indula brotherhood.

    Some character names I used back then was Oobobu and Rexindula.

    If anyone recognised any of the given names on guilds or characters please reply to this thread!

    Some ppl I used to play with is:


    And ofc many more. Recognise any of these names?
  2. beagley Well-Known Member

    Hi Oobobu

    It's Farned here, ex-FM IC. You're spot on with your recollection of servers being Oggok and then Everfrost. FM still does exist on Everfrost but most of the people you remember are long gone or have either stopped playing or moved to GW2.

    Phenix/Guilt stopped playing to concentate on finishing his studies
    Daco and Havak moved across to GW2 but as far as I know didn't like it and are hoping that EQN will be the game that brings them back
    DD went off to World of Tanks and then GW2
    Halbarad and Dayan transferred off to Splitpaw after a major guild trauma
    Most of the Indula brotherhood went over to a guild called Nightmare, still on Everfrost. Nugost is still the guild leader of that as far as I know.

    There is a Fabulae Marrii faceboock group established if you want to try that.

    Have a great Christmas and good luck with finding others.
  3. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Ahh wonderful hi farned! :D
    Its just me and one other Indula that returned and playing today. We both started over on AB server last year and found a great casual guild called United European alliance, they also do progressive raiding but my raiding days stopped at FM.
    I don't use Facebook tho, yep im weird but I disslike it :p
    Great that you found my post! Are you still playing? Wich server?
  4. beagley Well-Known Member

    I'm still playing albeit very sporadically, still on Everfrost. I potter around as a solo/molo player these days as it suits my infrequent and irregular hours due to home and work commitments. Must try a toon on AB one day to see if it as humongously different due to the large population size as everyone claims in these forums:)

    You're not alone with your dislike of Facebook. I have an account but haven't actively used it in about three years but I still get the odd FM related post wing its way to me.
  5. Leeroy Well-Known Member

    Your charactername Rexindula is familiar. So are Phenix and Ddread's names.

    I started on Oggok. My main was my paladin Kebia. After the server merge to Blackburrow, I brought up my inquisitor Leeroy as my main. I was in Ten Ton Hammer, then Fellowship, then the raid guild Bane. Since I work odd hours at my job of 14 years, I was on anytime and knew a few folks in Fabulae Marrii back then. After Blackburrow merged with Everfrost I moved most of my characters to AB server.

    I hope you find a few of those old guildmates.
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  6. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

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