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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by ARCHIVED-MisguidedAngel, Oct 20, 2012.

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    Hello all. I've been playing EQ2 since it came out, but I started over a year ago or so, right when everything was going down hill. I can't find groups anymore. I don't have any friends that play. I guess you can say I've been pretty anti-social on here for the longest time, and well, I'm sick of it. :( I'm a level 65 Arasai Dirge, and I've been doing my best to level by myself. But I get lonely. It'd be great to have nice people to chat with, or even level with if possible. If anyone's interested, I hope you'd reply to this or contact me in game since I'm currently online. My ign is Xaenyria if you'd like to send me a tell.

    Your more than welcome to join my alt guild until you find a home (or stay if you like). I do play it on a daily basis. It will at least provide you with amenities and most importantly, quick travel. I might be able to help ya a bit with some levels and gear too.
    /who all paradoxial and shoot me a tell.
  3. ARCHIVED-MisguidedAngel Guest

    I just found a good guild to chat and level with. But I appreciate your reply and kind offers. Thank you so much.

    Glad to hear it. /who all Ramman or /who all pardoxial if you need anything except cash.

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