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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by ttobey, May 6, 2015.

  1. Terrius Well-Known Member

    Quick Ttobey, join discordapp! We need you to be the Moderator and spokesperson of the not currently created Duck and Ratonga based Roleplay channel! :p

    Discord is severely lacking in animated dangly things :(
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  2. ttobey Developer

    I'm there , nobody believes it's me.
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  3. Terrius Well-Known Member

    The things you showed us... Could only have been from you... I will never look at Ogres or Trolls in the same way again. Thank you.
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  4. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    We were all waiting for Errrorr to be banned lol..
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  5. Kelvani Well-Known Member

    Ttobey.. my eyes are still burning from the troll and ogre imagery! My brain needs bleaching to get the ick out!
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  6. That guy. Well-Known Member

    Can you post these Ogre and Troll pics here please?
  7. 7rlsy Member

    Yah! I want my eyes to burn, too, without registering for yet another online accounty thingy.
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  8. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    An ogre spooning a troll sans skivvies cannot be unseen. You know not for what you ask. And yes, that is really what Ttobey put up to convince us it was really him and not a player pretending to be a dev.

    He is a cruel cruel man.
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  9. Lojaak Well-Known Member

    I am proper lolling. That sounds very ttobey. :D
  10. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    It was very ttobey, but this white name not dev looking ttobey says something about certain folks not being able to pronounce epitome, and what's an epi-tome. I completely thought I was watching errrors undoing....cause ttobey had a duck av. So of course...white name and duck = errror.
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  11. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Yes! It's ih-pit-uh-mee, according to dictionary.com. :cool:
  12. Lojaak Well-Known Member

    Is an epi-tome like an epi-pen for people who really need books?
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  13. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    Perhaps me and Ttobey are the same person and you just don't know it.

    Although not sure I'd be caught in a coconut bra.
  14. Dude Well-Known Member

    What I hear you saying is that, when you don't think you're going to be caught, you wear a coconut bra. o_O
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  15. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    13 Year Veteran Mobility Mount 2016.
  16. Wurm Well-Known Member

    Tobey, could you give the new Sarnak Mercenary a slightly thicker neck? Its head looks like its going to break off and fall to the ground.
  17. ttobey Developer

    That's Phatkins dept, but I doubt it will change. It's based on the original Sarnak npc, so probably the same there.
  18. Tohopka Active Member

    TBH, only thing i still hate and miss is the old iksar character/player model from EQ1. the more hunch over like the sarnak. the no shoes cause of there talon'd feet. Heck I even miss that on my kerran to vah shir LOL. But thats just me reminiscing is all :D
  19. Wurm Well-Known Member

    The original Sarnak Di'Zok told me to tell you that he's been eating his wheaties and is tired of being called a pencil necked geek.
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  20. ttobey Developer

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