Loading layout from t3 Freeport hall into a t4 Freeport hall?

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    I was wondering, since the tier 3 and tier 4 Freeport guild halls are identical (except for a small area near the steps to the basement, and of course the additional rooms upstairs in the hidden are that u must port to, is it possible to somehow save a layout from the t3 hall, move to the t4 hall, and load a layout in there?

    I have a copy of a saved layout file from my t3 hall and also one from someone elses t4 hall, and I noticed the header (first 3 lines of the layout file) are different... would it be possible to achieve this by simply taking the top 3 lines out of a t4 layout file and replace the top 3 lines of a saved t3 hall and then purchase the t4 hall and load my edited saved layout file? I've wanted a t4 hall for YEARS but the thought of manually changing anything or re-decorating all over again is way too daunting. If there was a way that this could be done by manually editing and then loading that layout file into a t4 hall, then I would certainly do it in a heartbeat. I just haven't spoken to anyone at all who has tried to do this. And if no one has done it before, maybe we could work together to find a way to achieve this. That would be fantastic! Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or any proof that this has worked in the past, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks!
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    Maybe check eq2 traders for this Nek.
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    Found this in a earlier forum.

    Tier 3 and 4 are the same layout, so moving is easy. First, you save the layout of the tier 3. When you move into the 4, make a new blank layout. Copy the zone name from the top of the file and put it in the other layout file. Load your revised tier 3 and you should be all set.
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