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    It took quite a while to make this compiled list fo raid zones and raid mobs. Info is gathered from several different sites and i'm sure i'm still missing some. Just post more zones and i'll add them!

    X2 Raids
    Instance Name Zone Main Target Level
    Contested The Wailing Caves Lord Ree 16
    Contested Commonlands Ladon 22
    Contested Antonica Anguis 23
    Contested Thundering Steppes Braegana the Gailspear 25
    Contested Thundering Steppes Doomsquall 35
    Contested Thundering Steppes Grimfeather 37
    Contested Obelisk of Lost Souls Wurmjaw 38
    Contested Enchanted lands Cragshell 39
    Contested Everfrost Dreadwake 42
    Icespire Summit Everfrost Gale Monarch Eyildir 44
    Contested Rivervale Overfiend 45
    Contested Rivervale Ssilth Rageclaw 46
    Contested Lavastorm A fiery Apparition 46
    Contested Everfrost The Seraph of Stags 47
    Contested Rivervale Mangler 48
    Contested Feerrott Acrimoniad 49
    Maiden’s Gulch Lavastorm Vyr'drais the Vicious 50
    Contested Everfrost Ghost of Tundra Jack + Iceberg 50
    Contested Sinking Sands Broog the Banished 52
    Anvilpaw’s Grotto Splitpaw Skoam Anvilpaw 53
    Contested Temple of Cazic-Thule Xiggalg the Fearfiend 54
    Contested Permafrost Alangria 54
    Contested Solusek's Eye Hand of the Caldera 54
    Contested Everfrost King Zatan 54
    Contested Maj’Dul Glory, Power and Champion Korza 55
    Contested Maj’Dul Perdition 55
    Contested Maj’Dul General Cabaar 55
    Contested Lavastorm Asphyxia 56
    Contested Permafrost Knubbed 56
    T’Narev Pillar of Flames Mother of Night & Father of Day 61
    Contested Pillar of Flames Gargilliviontumon the Rock Pile 63
    Contested Clefts of Rujark Rak'jallar the Rujark Champion 64
    Contested Sanctum of the Scaleborn Cyenadros, Lord of the Sanctum 67
    Contested Temple of the Scale The Scaled Enforcer 67
    Contested The Bonemire Haraghur the Deathless 72

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    X3 Raids
    Instance Name Zone Main Target Level

    Contested Thundering Steppes Coldtooth 39
    Contested Nektulos Forest Agelidaes 40
    Trembling Lagoon Feerrott Alizasaur 40
    Contested Enchanted Lands N'Kzak the Unnatural 42
    Meeting of the Minds Feerrott Overlord Oxulius 52
    Contested Sinking Sands Meathooks 53
    Contested Obelisk of Lost Souls Borxx 55

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    X4 Raids
    Instance Name Zone Main Target Level
    Cauldrons Hollow Nektulos Forest Descendant of the Torig 34
    Death Fist Citadel Zek Grumzod the Exiled 41
    Crypt of T’Haen Nektulos Forest T’Haen the Lost 45
    Shattered Stillness Antonica Archlich Uladain 50
    Miragul’s Menagerie Everfrost Ar'ticae, the Frostmaiden 53
    Commune of K’Dal Lavastorm K`Dal the Deceiver 54
    Vault of the Fallen Fallen Gate Trenda'loz the Caller 54
    Dythra’s Lair Feerrott Dythra, The Gloombringer 54
    The Drowned Caverns Splitpaw Faroth Mal 54
    Echoes of Time Commonlands King Zalak the Ancient 54
    Cove of Decay Thundering Steppes Rognog the Angler 54
    The Deserted Mine Zek Tremblar the Behemoth 54
    Drayek’s Chamber Permafrost King Drayek 54
    Sanctum of Fear Temple of Cazic-Thule Niscanith 54
    Spirits of the Lost Feerrott Ukdan the Dark 55
    Contested Temple of Cazic-Thule Venekor 55
    Contested Permafrost Vision of Vox 57
    Vox’s Chamber Permafrost Vision of Vox 57
    Contested Feerrott Vaz'Gok the Cursed 57
    Contested Everfrost The Kra'thuk 57
    Contested Solusek’s Eye Lord Nagalik 57
    Contested Lavastorm Solusek’s Fist 57
    Isle of Refuge Antonica Darathar 58
    Lockjaw’s Lair Sinking Sands Lockjaw 62
    Djinn Master’s Prism Shimmering Citadel Guardian Tyniss 63
    Gates of Ahket Aken Sinking Sands Ahk'Mun Rhoen 63
    Contested Sinking Sands Terrorantula 64
    Fountain of Life The Silent City Godking Anuk 65
    Court of Al'Afaz The Pillars of Flame The Black Queen 65
    Contested Maj’Dul Siyamak 65
    Contested Maj’Dul Barakah 65
    Poet’s Palace Shimmering Citadel Lathena & Zaykala 68
    Contested Temple of the Scale Pantrila, the Watcher of the Brood 72
    Contested Tenebrous Tangle Hurricanus the Patriarch 74
    Contested Temple of Scale Harla Dar 74
    Laboratory Lord Vyemm ? Lord Vyemm 74
    Contested The bonemire The Mutagenic Outcast 74
    Contested Solusek’s Eye Nagafen 100
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    Thought I saw an x5 once. Does any remember where that is?
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    Some corrections/additions if you want to be accurate.

    • It’s Knubbed not Knubb.
    • Cyendandros, Lord of the Sanctum is not in Temple of the Scale, but in Sanctum of the Scaleborn.
    • T’Narev is not an instance, it’s a discovery point in a zone.
    • Grumzod is not in Deathfist Citadel he is a contested mob behind DFC.
    • Mjolni, the Deathbringer missing from x4 list.- Thundering Steps – drakota for Fire and Ice in Cove of Decay.
    • Vanudozalan missing from x4 list – Antonica – drakota for Deception in Firemyst Gulley.
    • Faroth Mal is not in the Drownded Caverns. He’s in an instance called Acts of War.
    • Rognog instance is actually called Epic Angler.
    • Spirits of the Lost contains many x4 and if we’re following the pattern that you’ve listed before of just listing the boss mobs, you may want to just list Venekor and Varanak, the Everlasting. Ukdan is way early.
    • Vox’s Chamber does not contain Vision of Vox. Vision is solely contested. You can spawn either Spirit of Vox, Elemental of Vox, or the Fragment of Vox in that chamber.
    • Missing King Zatan – x2 contested in Everfrost. Lvl 54 or so.
    • Barakah & Siyamak are contested in Pillars of Flame, the ones in Maj’dul are spawned.
    • Missing Gorenair and Talendor the other 2 x4 boss mobs in KoS. They’re in Ascent of the Awakened off of Barren Sky.
    • Laboratory of Lord Vyeem is off of Bonemire.
    • Missing The Hand of the Caldera x2 contested in Solusek’s Eye. Lvl 54 or so.
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    Ogaming says that the Descendant of the Torig was changed to a x2 raid.

    Can anyone confirm/deny?
  8. ARCHIVED-Targon Guest

    Torig is definately x2 now.
  9. ARCHIVED-MystaSkratch Guest

    Any of the named mobs in DMP are 65+, and you can add the 3 Princes on Guardian Isle in Barren Sky to the x4 list, and Tarinax in Deathtoll

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