LFG: Active nightly around 10pm-midnight eastern

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Naneel, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. Naneel Member

    I've been playing forever - raids, groups, solo on/off since pre-launch beta but only solo lately because my previous guild evaporated a while ago.

    I'm looking for people and group stuff going into the new expansion but most guilds don't seem to be active anymore between 10pm-midnight eastern.

    I have over a dozen toons on Halls of Fate that are 110 so HoF is preferred, but I could cash in my level 110 boost from the CD pre-order to play on another server if needed.

    I'm looking for nice people doing heroics and occasionally a casual-ish raid if I can help.

  2. Meilay Active Member

    Check on HoF for OUTLAWS- or ask in general about us. I'm offline for a few days due to a tech issue, but anyone on our team can help with questions about us-
    -Meilay on HoF
    Guild/MRT Raid Leader

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