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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Arsunic, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. Arsunic New Member

    Old old player here. I played in beta and original release, then the first expansion. I have been on and off since then just purchasing the xpacs as they come out every couple of years. Im at the point now where i really want a casual playthrough and even bought Chaos Descending. I want to take my time rolling through each xpac and experiencing content i never had a chance to see. Looking for a great group of people to do this with. I am in eastern time zone and can be found online m-f after 6 pm and randomly on weekends. Looking forward to talking all of you!

    Also, previous MMO experience is massive and I was hardcore raiding in WoW until this past week.
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  2. mothelm Active Member

    hello not sure what server you are on but i am getting a new progression minded guild on AB...if you are interested in such a thing check out post in this board or you can contact me on rixxia or Eixx in game =-)
  3. Arsunic New Member

    I actually have a few toons on each server and am 100% ok with starting fresh any server any class of that helps anyone that’s recruiting. mothelm im interested for sure but a prof guild may not be as noob friendly as I’m looking for! Looking for a casual play through before raids. I raided 4 nights a week in wow and wanted to do something a bit casual. If this fits let me know, and who knows I might just fall back into hardcore playing and raiding all over again just in EQ2.
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  4. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Army of Oobliteration, also on AB is a casual, friendly, helpful, guild, no drama, no pressure.

    You could join the progression guild mentioned by mothelm which I believe is forming on December 15th and you can put a character that you may have over level 50 in Army of Oobliteration and play with both groups. I only mention over level 50 as mothelm's progression guild is for characters lower than level 50. Army of Oobliteration has no level requirements.

    Good luck, have fun, and enjoy the journey.
  5. Arsunic New Member

    Thanks to both of you! Are you both primarily eastern time zone and evening guilds? Both opportunities sounds fantastic but I hope you would both be ok with someone that has completely forgotten everything about everything. I am absolutely sure that it will come back quickly, but with all the expansions i've never participated in, plus who knows how many boosts available with buying every xpac, and then there are mercs to learn to use etc etc. I definitely won't be cruising through levels like many of the others playing these days! I really am grateful for you both responding so quickly to my post. Hope to see you in game!

    Ive also been told to checkout Maj'Dul because the population there is so large. Is AB not doing well these days?
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  6. mothelm Active Member

    well the guild i am starting will be evening est most likely and AB seems to be fine at higher level zones, lower ones bit empty but id bet Maj'dul the same also i think you will find leveling alot faster then you remember hahaha
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  7. Arsunic New Member

    Haha I bet i will. Will your prog guild have class restrictions? Didnt they release channeler and BL in xpacs?
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  8. mothelm Active Member

    well yes BL came with no content expansion Age of discovery i think and Channeler with CoE if i rememebrr right but that being said it has not come up as of yet and since no matter how **** we try to make ourselves well still be overpowered for sometime....i think its some guild should vote on myself i have no trouble with them
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  9. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Army of Oobliteration members help everybody no matter their level, skill, or if they are relearning the game or learning everything for the first time. I am sure the guild mothelm is starting will be the same. Play times range maximally between 1 pm PST and 11 pm PST. As far as AB, we do not have the population we experienced when all the Naggy players came over, but there has been an upswing in the population since the launch of the new expansion. We are far from dead as some would suggest in other threads, but it does require making friends and/or joining a friendly guild, PUGs are not the way to go on AB.
  10. Andiria New Member

    Hi, Cyrrena! I'm also a returning player looking for a casual guild like yours. I'll go ahead and create a character over on AB and look for you.
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  11. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Any Army of Oobliteration member can invite you, they may not know they can, but they can. So search for Army of Oobliteration members and ask away.

    You can usually find Duncan, Skar, Graveshroud, Meneltel, and Zharxian, on and collectively they cover most of the day/night.

    Welcome to AB, enjoy the journey, have fun, and ask us for help if you need it or want it.
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  12. Soara2 Active Member

    Im making my skyfire server an anti progression guild. I quit at PoP. I'm done keeping up with the Joneses. No more expansion mess or levels past 110 for me. You can join or not but I will find the darn fun in this game if it kills me
  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Heh! Good for you, Soara2! I still haven't done a lot of ToT stuff yet, let alone the latest/greatest (though I bought all the expacs from KA on; I was so ticked off that that's the only way to get a cool house and building block recipes that I cut off my tail to spite my bottom with ToT [plus it wasn't on sale] and missed out on them there), but I mostly just focus on crafting and decorating these days, and not sure how much help I'd be on any of my servers specifically. I'm on all of them but the Isle one, and my Fallen Gate toons are like 10th-11th level and hardly ever played. The others that I am on include Public Test (make another 7 toons there free! :D) and Thurgadin (EU; if you're "native" to the US, make another 7 there free, too! :D), and I have a guild of one (member; many toons) on Maj'Dul that's like the definition of low->no-stress. ;->

    With over 100 toons, though (number, not level; I have only six at 100th adventuring), I'm not guaranteed to be there, or really anywhere, with any sort of predictability, so you're probably better off with folks who concentrate on one server or another. :-/

    But, glad to see you back in the swing of things, Arsunic! Welcome home! :)

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