Level 39 PvP good AA setup?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Winter12345, May 16, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Winter12345 Guest

    Hello there,
    I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my Predator/Ranger/Shadows AA trees...

    This is my spec:

    I know many rangers go AGI...but I don't see the use of that line other than the casting speed. What's the point of getting crit bonus if you have no crit? (keep in mind this is 30s..) The really only valuable thing I see in that tree (other than the endline) is point blank shot...but I already spent 1 point in there so I have it. That's why I went down STR...the crit is useful...good amount of parry...and an extra attack. The only negative of the STR tree is that I am a little skeptical on the effectiveness/usefulness of the STR endline. I really don't have many CA's over a 2 minute recast..(i think only Hidden Shot?)
    The reason I am using INT is because of the sick poison damage...that coupled with my character development tree (my ranger is a halfling) that has a ton of stuff that benefits my poisons (+25% trigger count, damage, etc.) and the conservation tree in my Ranger tree (+50% effectiveness, etc) adds A TON of extra damage to my DPS.

    For shadows...does my spec look fine?
  2. ARCHIVED-Killusall Guest

    A few questions.
    Do you need snare on the ranger page?
    When you're in the bgs do you actually use defensive stance?
    If not, you have an extra 10-14 points freed up.
    I would fill out the quick strike and insidious strike on the shadows page. Or just get another 10aa to fill them two up.
    It wouldn't hurt to add the other 4 points to sinister strike reuse (is that even usable in pvp?).
    Overall everything looks good to me:)