Leech Liberator is impossible.

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Rainmare, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    while you can see all the leeches now, it's still impossible to do.

    the leeches cannot be healed past your first pollen healing. they move WAY to slow, you can't pull the Celophex off them, your AEs can hurt them. at least 2 of them the travel paths are just too long. you get 10 of those things on them and they die, and there's nothing you can do about it. my paladin heals don't work, I tried gathering up extra pollens but that doesn't work either. so unless thier path is like 6 feet long, the slugs die, and there's no way to prevent it.
  2. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    It's easier to do if you have track, that's for sure.

    I got 4/5 down, and on the last one, and the last one got swarmed with a bunch of cephs and instantly melted.

    You yourself cannot AoE to DPS, because you kill your leech that you're trying to protect. I took off Hurricane, did not blue AoE and put single target on.

    At least 5 leeches pop, but being able to heal them with extra pollen or whatever would be nice.

    Also, you can get more than 1 wave of 4 cephs flying in on you after you killed the 1st wave. The leeches creep too far to be able to defend against 8 cephs.

    Just did it again, and had the same issue: the last one is in an area with a bunch of trash mobs. I killed those, and the swarm of cephs came in and I had not even clicked the dying leech yet to trigger the incoming wave of cephs.

    This quest is still NOT RIGHT and needs another round of fixing. The apply pollen cast bar is too long. You can't do anything and the leech is down to 50% by the time the pollen is applied.
  3. Chrol Developer

    Couple of updates based on your feedback. Thanks!

    Leech Liberator - Reduced the time required to heal the dying grimleech from 5 to 3 seconds, and the hungry cepholex will spawn less often.
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  4. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    Thanks a bunch, Chrol. Sounds doable now.
  5. Sintropy Member

    FYI, I could use blue aoe's with no difficulty, however, I had to turn on Singular Focus to keep from killing the leech. Watch your targeting so you don't accidently kill the leech if he's your main target and you'll be fine. I have completed this 5 times now since turning on Singular Focus.
  6. sycla Active Member

    still not doable..get a lot of cant see target messages . If the leech was immune to my damage it would be easy
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  7. CodyF86 Member

    I've been doing it everyday so far. If you get that message if you stack on top of it and move around a bit it will let you cast eventually. Once you know the location of all 5 it becomes a lot easier.

    It definitely was broke, but seems good now after last few patches.

    Also can just tab target just don't start blasting until you make sure you're not targeting the leech.
  8. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I still can find only two leeches. Ah, well. I just won't do this one, it's too blasted aggravating.
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  9. Allanna Member

    I rarely fail on this one, but they need to fix the "can't see target" bug. I mean, nothing in the way of LOS, mobs flying in the air, there's no reason at all I should ever get "Cant see target"
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  10. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    You can track "dying". Get a ranger merc or tracking scrolls or change race that can track. They pop in the same 5 spots every time.

    Starter one: /loc -403, 31, -494
    I then go to: /loc -461, 33, -415
    Then: /loc -302, 33, -335
    Then: /loc -327, 32, -274
    Then: -279, 34, -528
    Last one is a PITA, because there are several groups of trash mobs. What I hate most is that the hungry cephs are flying in BEFORE I even treat them.

    There are several places where there are 2 plant leaves you can pick. Gather extra for future leeches helps, too.
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  11. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Yea this one and Pox Raiding I get the can't see target a lot.
  12. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Fastest way to find these grimleeches is to make a macro with /target a dying grimleech" and just fly around and spam it. The "can't see target" is annoying for sure but I never fail this unless I accidentally kill the leech myself. I am however a sin so I just one shot the mobs, I'd imagine it's more stressful on a less damaging class.
  13. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I had to drop to the lowest leaf in the cluster on "Pox Raiding" because the merc kept pulling them underneath the lead I was standing on. After that I could see and hit them just fine. Delidrae has a Z-coordinate problem, though. If she's not managing to block my view of the whole screen, she's embedded in the geometry from the waist down. And since she's generally flying higher than my Z-coord, she unexpectedly pulls stuff that can see her "feet". But the Pox Raiding is her Z-coord being lower than where I stand.
  14. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    There is a trick! to get those out of hiding :) If you a class that have PBAoE (blue AoE) just hit it! and next if you are mage hit Unda Spirits - after that little bugs always either dead or comes out of hiding :)
  15. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Guys anyone masters extinguishing the flame? It seems that only 3 mobs that drop stones spawn at time .. and even I extinguish first flame ... I simply do not have enough stone to extinguish flame second time
  16. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    You get a new wave of Aberrants that spawn with each flame. If you look closely, the Aberrants are wearing clothes and have a slight glow about them telling you which color stone they hold. Just kill the two Aberrants you need for the current flame, combine the stones, click the brazier, then go kill two new Aberrants.
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  17. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    When I first started to figure this one out, I would pull up track and type "ascend" into the track window. I make sure that my bags are cleaned up, and I leave one bag open on my screen, so I can easily find the 2 orbs that I need to right click on and combine. I click on the starter for the quest, FLY up into the air a bit (with track open), then hit ACCEPT. Within a few seconds, 3 "ascend" mobs pop up on the track filter. I track to one of them and look to see if it's the color I need. Make sure your mini map is up to see where the "ascend" mobs are at.

    Flames can pop in any order:
    Green flame = blue mob and yellow mob
    Orange flame = red mob and yellow mob
    Purple flame = purple mob and red mob

    If green flame is up, go kill blue and yellow mobs, then right click on one orb in your bag and a text window pops up. (Along with another text box of the item itself, which is ANNOYING). This combines the 2 orbs into 1, and then you can carefully weave your way down to the fire pit. It sometimes helps to kill all the trash before you start, but once you get good at it, you can avoid the trash in the area (or just kill them as you aggro them - all depends on how much you can DPS).

    I'm to the point now that I don't need track, but I do need my rendering bumped up a bit, just so I can see them. I pretty much know the 6 or so possible locations on where they can spawn, so I just carefully fly around and kill the 2 colored mobs that I need for that color of flame. I can pretty much 1 shot these "ascend" mobs, but I can see this being a struggle for classes who cannot DPS and need a merc to do the dirty work.
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  18. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    I did it using a tracker and a singular focus as suggested here. Thanks.
  19. Sudedor Well-Known Member

    It's certainly more difficult on non DPS classes. My Mystic can do this quest, but I have to clear as much trash as possible beforehand. I usually finish with under 30 seconds to go, but I can do it. I expect most classes can, but they need to understand their own limitations and take that into account, in addition to understanding he quest itself and what it's going to take to accomplish it.
  20. Anastaise Active Member

    Extinguishing the Flame is at this point the most annoying of the timed key quests. I find that killing all the trash ahead of time is the only way to finish on time. The big problem if you don't do that is the fact that you can be interrupted while trying to click the brazier. It helps to turn up your particle effect distance to max and model detail to max so you can see what color each aberrant is glowing. Only kill the 2 mobs you need for each brazier color and you should be able to finish on time.

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