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  1. KLove-404 New Member

    I've been playing through the Claymore Timeline for the first time ever. Today, I was looking up the Barren Sky zone on the wiki and I saw a note that says,

    This is not true on my installation. I have the old cloud transportation system with limited choices and switching of clouds to get to the more distant islands.

    Same with Tenebrous Tangle. The notes for LU57 say, TT was updated as well.

    My installation was made from scratch on this machine in 2016 (6 years after LU57) and I've gone to the launcher and verified the assets (no updates were found/made).

    Maybe I'm missing a trick? How do I get the instant travel options in KoS to work?
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  2. Arandar Well-Known Member

    Those changes were reverted when KoS was unlocked on the first TLE servers, for a more "authentic" experience. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the time.
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  3. KLove-404 New Member

    Sad. Thanks for the answer though.
  4. Almee Well-Known Member

    It isn't authentic it is simply frustrating and a waste of time which is the purpose of making us go through this nonsense. But someone at Darkpaw thinks this keeps people playing for longer. For me, it just keeps me from playing one of my favorite zones far less then I would if I could fly directly to the isle I wanted.
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  5. KLove-404 New Member

    Barren Sky's Hooluk are kind of comical. I think the writer's / development team had fun putting KoS together.

    I mean, using the "Feathered Fray" when referring to a decades long war between the Eagles and Vultures. Who does that in a serious discussion? The Hoo-Loo do. :)

    The rather flighty wandering of the pontificating scholar's minds has been fun as well.

    And then there's Jerome...
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  6. Louly Well-Known Member

    Maybe that's true for "some"
    For me I was very glad to have the clouds back and I hope they stay forever :D
    Plus Barren sky and Bonemire are some of my favorite places and partly because of the clouds
  7. Escape Goat Member

    I enjoyed picking up dried eye monster poop. We need more quests with monster poop.
  8. Taled Well-Known Member

    How do you figure it isn't authentic?

    Changing it back to how it was at launch is very much making it authentic. Just because you don't LIKE the change doesn't make it authentic. If your thought it 'clouds could go where ever they want, that is more authentic!', well, so would our characters falling through the clouds to their deaths.