Knights of Valhalla Player Event

Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Tru of Guk, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. Tru of Guk Member

    Come one, come All! The Knights of Valhalla of Guk server is celebrating its 2 year anniversary on January 8th and we want you all to join in. It's an event unlike any other. There are no winners, no losers; just a lot of laughs and fun and it occurs on the last day of Frostfell.

    Come to the Frostfell event on January 8th between 9:30pm and 10:30pm Pacific...To get there go to New Halas and you will see a wardrobe at -74, 147, -32. It takes a moment to appear so be patient. After you enter Frostfell your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find a bucket of snowballs (They are everywhere); grab some and hurl them mindlessly at everyone you see!

    If you don't laugh and giggle you are banned from Frostfell until next year :)

    Hope to see you there,
    Knights of Valhalla
  2. Tru of Guk Member

    Sigh I didn't read the calendar and see that Frostfell ends at 10am on the 8th so this event is being moved to the 7th 9:30-10:30pm Eastern. Hope to see you all there.
  3. Linura New Member

    I'll be there, it'll be a lot of fun!! :)

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