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Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Trasor, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Trasor Active Member

    While I am not sure what exactly is going on at Daybreak, I do know that for some reason there was no kickstarting for SOE for some reason. Is there any chance Daybreak would consider kickstarting for some aspects of their company?

    Say kickstarting for PvP development attention, progression servers, etc.? Also on EQN I would like to donate funds as well. Massively did that when they became MassivelyOp under AOL, raised tons of money to support itself.

    Please respond constructively! I am not 100% sure how these things work and would just like to donate to the parts of the EQ franchise that I love/have hope for!
  2. Widem Active Member

    This is word salad, please be more specific in your question. Or is this a comment?
  3. Trasor Active Member

    Like would DB ever consider having a kickstarter for more funds for their games/would it be possible to start one for them for conditional use, say for improvement of pvp?
  4. Aurius New Member

    Wanna pay more money for eq2. Go Gold.
  5. KingTreeRat New Member

    Again I ask, and people seem to think this is a REALLY dumb idea, cause you know, more players wouldn't solve things like low pop servers, less pvp, more items to have for pretties in your house, more dev money for this and other games, but I will ask again anyways.

    What is Daybreak doing for themselves to bring in new revenue?
  6. Trasor Active Member

    My money right now from my subscription goes nowhere that helps the gaming experience for me, and I think I speak for the entire Nagafen server on that, so yes. Is there a way to do something like creating a kickstarter for Daybreak, or would they ever consider starting one themselves?
  7. Rozyn Active Member

    That's... not really what Kickstarter is for. KS is used for projects that need to be kickstarted, not pre-existing companies with a revenue stream.
  8. Trasor Active Member

    So what Massively did isn't exactly a pre-existing company that needed a revenue boost?
  9. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    Nope. It was a group of people that lost their jobs and sought to create new ones. The thing about kickstarter is it's generally some independent group looking for funds. If DG could've kickstarted, they would have done so when they were SOE. They don't control the pursestrings, so it's not their call to begin with.
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  10. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Let me get this straight... You think a company with $15 Billion worth of assets needs a kickstart?
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  11. Trasor Active Member

    I guess I am just confused at how all we seem to get out of expansions anymore is a lack of creativity and gear grinds without any resources available to fix pvp or make a progression server. I guess I just don't understand their business model at all at this point.
  12. Trasor Active Member

    Not necessarily that the progression server or improving pvp would turn this game around, just saying I don't know much of anyone enjoying the current content as they did the old!

    Why can't we encourage that our money be directed towards resources that we would prefer to see? I don't know, I guess I am just disappointed that they won't consider funding a bigger chance with a sentimental server than sitting out AoM and ToV
  13. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    They've already stated that creating a progression server would take wayyyyy to many resources and too much time, and once people finish it....they dump it. So no point in going that route. As for PVP, personally I think it's beyond repair. Especially every time they try to balance pve and pvp mechanics at the same time. It just doesn't work. It's dead. Everyone on pvp should be given free xfer tokens and be done with it. A while back during one of the livestreams there was some dev that was all about fixing pvp...and then was never heard from again.... It's dead...It's been dead since after RoK.
  14. Trasor Active Member

    The progression server would be way better then this crap that they keep spitting at us!

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