Kaladim Road Map - 2021

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  1. Kander Developer

    Hello Kaladim,

    Here is the current plan for Kaladim’s Road Map. These dates are based off of our current patch schedule for the remainder of the year and are subject to change. Dates can slide, as our patch dates can sometimes slide. We will of course try to give plenty of notice should any of these dates change for any reason.

    Destiny of Velious.
    Adventure AA Heroic Tree Unlocked, AA Cap is Raised to 300, Flying Mounts, and Guild Halls. Includes Crystal Caverns.

    Destiny of Velious Mid-Content
    Drunder opens. Includes Spire of Rage, Strategist’s Stronghold, Tower of Tactics, Sullon’s Spire, Tallon’s Stronghold, Vallon’s Tower, Citadel of V’uul, Palace of Sabron, and Silent City: The Delving Dead – New Hunter’s Rewards

    Age of Discovery
    AA Cap is Raised to 320. Adds Mercenaries, Apprentices and Reforging. Adventure and Tradeskill levels raised to 92. Beastlords unlocked. Includes Withered Lands, Skyshrine, and Plane of War.
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  2. Kander Developer

    Updated dates for Roadmap. Age of Discovery has been moved back to 1/25/2022.
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