Kaladim: Coercer Charmed Pet Doesn't Cast Spells

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Mitze, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. Mitze Member

    For some reason after using Aura Sense to identify a spell casting mob, charming it and issuing a "/pet ranged" command, the pet will never cast spells during a fight. I've tried re-issuing range, pet melee & backoff commands with no luck. I also noticed that the rooted mob that I'm attacking will never attack my charmed melee pet. Is there something wrong with the Progression that I'm on?
  2. Valdecir New Member

    Nope... coercer pets are castrated and worthless now IMHO. If however, you release them, they will not hesitate to use their full arsenal of abilities on YOU!

    They all only do trivial melee damage and nothing else, regardless of class.
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  3. Syere Member

    Noticed this exact same thing with my Fury. Why do they always gotta break the good stuff and force everyone to sword/board/cleric through everything, even trivial solo mobs.

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