Fixed KA Flawless buff not working in BoL zones.

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Lenecro, Dec 22, 2019.

  1. Lenecro New Member

    Is this intended, just curious. already sent in a bug report thought i would do so on here aswell.
  2. Lenecro New Member

    Bumped.. is this fixed or is it a known bug?
  3. Dude Well-Known Member

    So far, only one person has voted this as an important issue. *shrug*
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  4. Lenecro New Member

  5. Audrel New Member

    Having the same issue as well with the PoP flawless buffs. I hope this was not intended.
  6. Audrel New Member

    Having the same issue as well with the PoP flawless buffs. I hope this was not intended.
  7. Bludd Well-Known Member

    the test is, do the buffs work outside BoL zones? if they do, they were probably implemented as a permanent orange adorn and those dont work on the moon
  8. Lenecro New Member

    yeah, the flawless does work outside of BoL. thats also what i was thinking.
  9. Hellfiren Active Member

    Same issuse here, i have only one toon whos owning the PoP Flawless buff which was hard work to get it, the PoP Flawless Buff works fine.

    But the matter fact the KA Flawless buff aka Trakanon Flawless buff dosent work is a very big disatvantge and i hope it wasnt planed.
    Last and preelast addon we spend month/hours to get this buff done on our alts, which would never get the PoP Buff and its a buff and acheafment we worked hard for if it was Life and later as it was more easy hours.
    So thier is no reason to cut it of or take it away from game anyway, same about the Orange Addorns until we are able to get the replacements in the now used collor red.
    I cant remember any addon we are forced to put all of our used stuff especialy the Addronns away until we are able to replace them.

    Same big disatvantage again i need to mention, is the next expansion we are forced to gather every Da............m Addorn for every toon, because we dont get an account flag for them.
    DB pls get the matter fact grouping mostly 95% depends on Alts so get the mechanics Alt friendly we are rid of grinding and pea soup every day , we are wanted to be able to login and have fun with every of our toons in less than lets say 4month and dont grind the whole addon and if we are ready to play 100% Addon is over or we get a Level increase which makes all of our work obsolate.
    In my opionon the level 120 increase was not nesesccary anyway, we were just at the point to have fun and now all is MÄHHHHHH.
    The new content is nice and the one who does the Artworks for the zones has our respect, but for us the saying
    from a wise man " Never touch a running systhem " has a basicly truth.

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  10. Lenecro New Member

    Any update on this matter?.. missing 15 fervor + 1k pot is kinda annoying tbh.
  11. AvenElonis Active Member

    Hope it gets added to the list of things to fix.
  12. Beee Well-Known Member

    And if it's inteded i think they forgot the loss of 60 Fervor Overcap. It's stupid beeing an Elementais and beeing solo on Fervorcap so it's no use for Pact of the Fire Tyrant (31/46,5 Fervor) anymore

    So at least I miss the 17.5 Fervor Overcap from Planes of the Proficy: Power Raider buff
  13. Lenecro New Member

    Any updates on this please devs?
  14. Lenecro New Member

    Bump when are devs back in office to atleast answer that they know about this
  15. Reahov Developer

    Hello. I just wanted to check in to see if this issue is still occurring on live. Currently, we are unable to reproduce internally. Thank you!
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  16. Lenecro New Member

    Nope, at the moment a few patches ago it got fixed. Thanks for checking in regardless!
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